What is most influential when you are making important personal decisions?


  • Nathan - 3 years ago

    The study it out and ask God if it’s right model of personal revelation from D&C 9 is 95% one’s own reason. And I feel like God doesn’t necessarily have an opinion on every important decision I make. And he is the supreme respecter of agency. For all these reasons, I choose reason.

  • Eileen - 3 years ago

    Would have liked to choose “personal revelation “ rather than my own ability to reason, but feeling confident I have received a personal revelation does not come easily for me. I have had some experiences where I know I have received information directly from the Lord, so I do know what that feels like for me. But for big life decisions I usually must weigh all of the other survey options... scripture and teachings of the prophets, etc... and weigh it all out until I come to a decision that seems right. That’s really all I can go on... does it feel OK or not. What are my misgivings if any and how serious are they? But being totally real, sometimes I haven’t cared about what was right, just what I wanted. I’ve made some pretty serious mistakes that way.

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