Should Cody Walker be recalled in the upcoming recall election August 20, 2019?

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  • Gerald Mayo - 6 months ago

    I have been trying to get additional funding from the town for two more nights of Cowboy Brad in Bond Park. Brad used to play four nights and is still willing to play four nights. This is a waste of Taxpayer's dollars. It would be so much better to take this money and invest it in and Ambassador for Estes Park creating memories for those who return year after year.

    You can imagine being a youngster and being able to be in the mountains and listen to Cowboy Brad sing. Your remember that and you bring your family back to hear him.

  • Silent Major - 6 months ago

    Margaret Patterson: you said what I was going to say, so: Thank You.

    As to the poll and the alleged results: if the poll were remotely legitimate, the alleged professional who plays at being publisher of The Estes Park Trail-Gazette Michael A. Romero, would have published the raw data in real time to allow people to see the actual results. The deliberate effort to suppress the results proves what President Donald J. Trump has said for some time: fake news.

    In real news, I understand an employee of The Estes Park Trail-Gazette was laid off. The wrong person was downsized. Michael A. Romero should have been shown the door.

  • Margaret Patterson - 6 months ago

    This poll is meaningless and irresponsible on the part of the Trail Gazette. It serves no purpose except to bolster the TG's very obvious bias in favor of Walker. The editorial board should be ashamed of itself.

  • Michael Romero - 6 months ago

    Firefox does work on this poll but it must be the latest version. Thank you

  • Michael Romero - 6 months ago

    We are not deciding what the results should be, they will be reported as they come in. Will post a pdf of final for transparency purposes. Democratic bs?
    Just did an update. Hope it helps clear up any confusion. Thank you all for your participation.

    Working on Firefox issue, was not aware of that. Thank you!

  • Leslie Nope - 6 months ago

    If you posted the results as people voted, it would be even less scientific and easies to manipulate. So give the guy a break.

  • Jumbo Tostito Beef Roll - 6 months ago

    Nope knows whats up

  • Nope - 6 months ago

    First, this poll does not work in Firefox. Second, the results will not be known until YOU decide what the results should be? Typical Democratic bullshit.

  • Michael Romero - 7 months ago

    This is a test

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