What are your special skills? [Vote for up to three] (Poll Closed)

  • Athletics: You used to represent your school in your favourite sport and a bunch of athletic events. You’re no muscle hulk, but you’re fast and strong for your age.
    10 votes

  • Charisma: You were class president at school, and no one made fun of you for it. People and even some Pokémon tend to listen to you and take you seriously.
    17 votes

  • Compassion: You are less of a $#!tbag than most kids your age, allowing you to empathise with people and Pokémon, and intuit their desires or concerns.
    48 votes

  • Devious: You are a sneaky little fµ¢£er. You’ve taught yourself how to pick locks, how to spot a mark and swipe a wallet, and how to lie through your teeth.
    17 votes

  • Engineering: You love finding out how stuff works, and spend a lot of your time writing basic programs on school computers or building simple machines.
    17 votes

  • Expression: You’re a creative kid – you play a musical instrument, you paint, you write short stories, and sometimes the results don’t even fill you with shame!
    31 votes

  • Medicine: You wanted to be a Pokémon doctor for a while, so you learned first aid and some general practices for optimising diet and exercise routines.
    9 votes

  • Mystic: You are obsessed with the lore of secret societies, magic, myth, urban legends and ancient mysteries. You know it’s probably all bull$#!t, but it’s fun.
    29 votes

  • Science: You hang around Professor Oak’s lab a lot, and have picked up a lot of debatably useful trivia about everything from astronomy to marine biology.
    32 votes

  • Swords: You have a collection of $#!tty replica Sengoku-period wakizashi, an acquisition of your misspent youth, which you still use to practise sword techniques.
    12 votes

  • Tactics: You watch televised Pokémon battles obsessively. You know Pokémon type advantages by heart, and know how certain moves can be used in creative ways.
    38 votes

  • Wilderness: You were in the Junior Rangers for a few years. You can start a campfire safely, build a basic shelter, track wild Pokémon, and find berries that are safe to eat.
    14 votes


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