How Many Series Are on Your Anime Watch List?

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  • zeroe4 - 4 months ago

    My watch list is sitting at 45 shows currently, but part of that is I put shows that I want to rewatch on it as well. When I run out of energy to watch a new show, I’ll switch back to an old one that I love. I also have a lot of shows on there that will be having a new season that hasn’t aired yet.

  • Eddie - 4 months ago

    My watch list stands at 18 shows right now, but if I take out series that have either ended or on between season hiatus then the count drops to 11. Sounds like a lot but given a single episode comes out a week that mean I can keep up during my lunch hours.

    One thing that is interesting though is that where I am watching anime is starting to fracture significantly with shows airing on netflix, hulu, amazon prime, and Crunchyroll. I kind of miss the days when things were more unified.

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