Big Brother 21: Who is Your Favorite HG? - Week 5


  • Mary Berg - 5 years ago

    Cliff all the way! He is a mature individual who does not play the silly games the others are playing. He's kind, funny and in my opinion should win this season. Yes, he's a dark horse but I think he's gaining momentum. Go Cliff!!!

  • Linda Boucher - 5 years ago

    Cliff by far. Such a Nice, down to earth guy, unlike some of these arrogant, self righteous people in the house. Can just imagine how they will feel when they're out and start reading some of the posts. They actually think everyone loves them! HA! What a JOKE! Got off track, CLIFF is my Favorite HG...

  • Barbara Szumilak - 5 years ago

    Hope Cliff wins it all... he's been the dark horse in this game and highly under-rated.... he he he

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