Do you think Halloween should be moved from Oct. 31 to the last Saturday in October?

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  • tori - 5 months ago

    yall are overreacting its halloween where you get candy and get sugar rushes it will not change anything just stop trying to change things that arent making a difference and fix things that we actually need help on

  • Crystal - 5 months ago

    Stop changing what isnt broken. There are people that work on weekends also. That cannot be used as an excuse. This is supposedly going to be safer, but how is it safer when weekends equal MORE cars on the road, MORE people out, MORE intoxicated people out???? How is it safer to have a kid out on a weekend than it is on a weekday when adults have their parties on the weekends?? I just do not get it. Leave it alone. My husband and I work full time Monday through Friday, and I go to school full time, yet we still manage to fit our kids trick or treating in between 6 to 8 on October 31. If you dont like it do one of the before or after weekend activities that you are apparently doing anyway.

  • Adrienne - 5 months ago

    That’s why a lot of towns are doing Trunk or treat the weekend before or after Halloween. It’s a town wide event and safer all the way around. Moving it is stupid. When we were kids you just didn’t go out after a certain time or you go with a huge group. What’s next moving Christmas to a weekend to not interfere with the work week?

  • Jessica Devlin - 5 months ago

    Since this holiday is mostly celebrated by children, it would be easier on the parents to move it to Saturday.

  • Annonymous - 5 months ago

    Halloween should be on Saturday because it just works out with school and work also its better for parties.

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