What's your favorite way to enjoy OUTLANDER? (Poll Closed)
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    • B Wood - 9 months ago

      I have so enjoyed Diana's books. The T.V Series has had me confussed because it has in places changed Diana's wonderful books WHY (if they were no good why have they sold so well) Some of the casting could have been better. Lizzie (in the books) was only a young teenager not a full grown women (I now it would have been difficult to cast a child with the LAW about children working) How will the T.V series deal with Lizzie marrying TWINS? and Fergus having a disababled son?. I hope Diana will soon finish the next book and I think there is yet another. I do feel that both Caitriona and Sam are getting BORED with 'OUTLANDER' even thought it gave them both there BIG BREAK, WHERE WOULD THEY BE WITHOUT IT. I do hope they remember that

    • Patricia - 9 months ago

      I prefer a tablet with all the books, to always carry them in my bag and have them on hand to read them every time I have some free time.

    • dj - 9 months ago

      found outlander on netflix and starz.....now reading all the books....the advantage being visualizing the characters as i read....i can 'see' them. love jamie, ian and murtagh....glad the show kept them alive....waiting for s5 on starz...hope claire and brianna come to appreciate jamie (the show will be back before i get done reading:) i find claire more likable in the books so far....s4 tv, they made her act too "old" for her hot husband/ so far she's more fun and more devoted in the books. there's hints that dougal may reappear....hope maybe rupert too....soo funny.
      i guess i just love those guys.....kilts,plaids, swords, horses,honor,love, humour and whisky! gotta love outlander!

    • Cathy O'Sick - 9 months ago

      First I read the books (Have collected all hardback and most paperbacks) and now mostly watch TV series.

    • Cathy O'Sick - 9 months ago

      First I read the books (Have collected all hardback and most paperbacks) and then mostly TV series.

    • Becky chapman - 10 months ago

      The larger paperbacks are perfect reading source. Hardcovers are too precious and line my bookcase. Rewatch a dozen of my favorite episodes. Again and again. I reread the last Season to remind me of all the beautiful words and one on ones with J & C that were missing on the show. A Night on Snowy Mountain and Bottom of the ninth.

    • Lori Wright - 10 months ago

      Lol - I do it all - definitely depends on the situation I am in and my Mood - went to doctors today listening to the audiobook, so now home I am going to read awhile because I am in the mood to finish so I can rewatch S03 AGAIN but experience it with my book knowledge from Voyager!!

    • Elaine Bondra - 10 months ago

      I have all the books in all the formats, although I started with the paperbacks. I mostly read them on Kindle now because they're just too heavy in the paper formats for my arthritic hands/wrists. I do enjoy the Audiobooks but I have the unfortunate problem that they tend to lull me to sleep. So, as I said, Kindle works best for me.

    • Barbara Plowden - 10 months ago

      My true love started with hardcover books, but I've come to love all genres of Outlander especially with my SoCal Outlander friends. But definitely started with hardcover books -- my secret world of Jamie and Claire.

    • Andrea Van Eck - 10 months ago

      It's difficult to choose between books and show. The show led me to the books and gave us Sam. But the books give so much more Jamie (and the others).

    • Claudia Vera - 10 months ago

      I like to see the tv show. I love the places, the actors, the story.

    • Sarah - 10 months ago

      I haven’t listened to the audiobooks but I love any form of reading the books!

    • Norah - 10 months ago

      I love the big trade paperbacks! But sometimes an episode of the show might just be on tv too!

    • Diane Harrelson - 10 months ago

      I just have to step back into Diana’s world from time to time and am always re-reading the books. Hard to make one choice; I have half in hardcover, half in paperback and all in ebook. I also have the DVDs and soundtracks but it’s Diana’s writing that draws me in.

    • Kat Decker - 10 months ago

      I can't choose between reading the e-books and listening to them! I usually do both - listen while driving or getting ready in the morning, and read the book while chilling on the couch or snuggled up in my bed.

    • Karen Taylor - 10 months ago

      I watch Outlander on Starz - over and over again! Never get tired of it and am sooo happy I found it

    • Karen Taylor - 10 months ago

      I watch Outlander on Starz - over and over again! Never get tired of it and am sooo happy I found it ????

    • Diane Varner Rodgers - 10 months ago

      Thank god for Netflix...I have been totally in the dark. Binged on all 4 seasons once I found it on Starz and am now reading the books, which I think are going to be even more addictive.

    • Kathy Taylor - 10 months ago

      I learned of Outlander first by watching the series on a STARZ but since then (last summer) I have enjoyed reading the books, watching panel and interview videos from the past with cast and crew as well as listening to the production podcasts. I also like that there are so many wonderful blogs, fan artists sites and SM posts to enjoy. I can’t remember another show even giving you access to their scripts. It is a fantastic world!

    • Marilyn Bennett - 10 months ago

      I'm totally addicted and will get my fix anyway, anywhere, at anytime I can.

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