Would you buy a 5G-enabled MacBook?

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  • SYCAMOREGRAD - 4 months ago

    I’d prefer the 12-inch MacBook return as a 5G model, with a better processor at least on par with the Air.

  • asdfzxcv - 4 months ago

    I'd only get the 5G embedded if I was paying someone other than ATT/Verizon/etc for the connection. Some sort of simplified bandwidth solution (e.g. no complicated contracts, terms, etc) - preferably through Apple or maybe even Google.

  • Andy - 4 months ago

    To be honest, it's hard for me to understand, why people insist on paying their telecoms extra every month for yet another device on their wireless plan. Is it really THAT hard to click two times when you open your laptop? You don't even have to pull your phone from your pocket.

  • Jon - 4 months ago

    Until 5G becomes prevalent, I would like to see a 4G MacBook — Pro and/or Air.

  • Wade Wilson - 4 months ago

    Apple is not getting another excuse to charge thousands and then make it obsolete 18 months later and stop doing decent updates completely 2 years later. Oh, all while an online support that used to be the shining example continues descent into circular pits of hell rivaled only by Comcast. And the recall programs one must research years later to find (when they’ve expired) despite you asking for contact info 99 ways are the icing on the cake you can shove right where icing doesn’t shine. 30 years as a Mac guy and 2020 will be a Microsoft year.

  • AK - 4 months ago

    Apple is just to late. iPad Pro will replace my MacBook Pro 100% with ipadOS.

  • J Barbose - 4 months ago

    I’d likely buy a 5G MacBook but it’s not a hard need of one.

  • Chr1s - 4 months ago

    Right now my 2018 cellular iPad 12.9” is my main “computer’ until I can replace my 17” 2011 MacBook Pro; I’m holding out for a cellular ARM MacBook Pro 16”+ to avoid intel obsolescence.

  • Jonathan - 4 months ago

    How about starting with 4G and when 5G is mastered put it on MacBooks starting with the pro

  • Andrew - 4 months ago

    I just want bluetooth tethering to work a little bit better. As a user, I really shouldn't even be aware of the difference between a direct MacBook->5G connect vs MacBook->iPhone->5G connection. It should just be seamless either way.

  • JakeIT - 4 months ago

    I would definitely buy a 5G MacBook. I think that in future we will not use our Phone Hotspot for Surfing online with ur Mac outdoor.

  • Steven Klein - 4 months ago

    Every Mac owner I knowI has an iPhone or some other smartphone, all of which offer tethering.

    And despite the implication of the word ‘tether,’ it works wirelessly over Bluetooth.

    Given these facts, what are the benefits of having a Mabook with a built-in modem?

  • Chris - 4 months ago

    Apple hardware post 2013 is trash. The 2016 MPB is the worst pile of junk I have ever owned, and anything with a T2 chip is unrepairable.

  • Colm - 4 months ago

    No because Apple is now absolute rubbish.
    See this new tech for repairability... https://youtu.be/gi9en4I-tjA

  • Aaron - 4 months ago

    Yeah to be honest. Having mobile data capabilities (but not restricted to it) is always a fantastic thing.

  • Carlos Bandido - 4 months ago

    No I don’t need another bill. Can barely afford avocado toast as is.

  • Steve - 4 months ago

    Guys. Are we really entertaining this rumor? The 3G cellular MacBook rumors. Or the LTE MacBook rumors. We do this every time. It’s not real. Moving on.

  • Andrew Taylor - 4 months ago

    I’ve wanted this for years and years. Now I’m so over it, I just want a reasonable price and a working keyboard.

  • Nimala Shaanti - 4 months ago

    5G is scary. The technology behind it is the same type of sonic problem people faced in other countries. 5G is used as a weapon to disperse crowds. It divides the signal into micro cells and then shoots them out all over the place. Oddly enough, drug companies are looking forward to the new small cell cancers being caused by exposure to 5G. Not enough testing has been done to see the full effect of how 5G affects people's (and animals) brains. 5G should not be allowed to happen, because if it does, you're going to see an increase in violence wherever it's deployed. Say what you want - but it's time to protect ourselves from the crap they are sending through the air. Naysayers - you have the right to believe what you want - but the proof is there - 5G has already been weaponized. Do your research on 5G and be informed!

  • Joe - 4 months ago

    No my next laptop will be Lenovo P1 thinkpad workstation I9 processor
    I will keep using my MBP 15'6" mid 2014 as long as I can

  • Ryan C - 4 months ago

    I absolutely love my 12" MacBook but if they added even just LTE to the MacBook Air I would buy it in a heartbeat. With Verizon it's only $20 more per month to have another device with “unlimited” data. I already do this with my iPad Pro but would prefer a Mac because for my job I need to work with Windows servers and require a trackpad. I have no idea why Apple hasn’t done this already with LTE. I would easily pay $200 extra to add cellular to a Mac.

  • Mat - 4 months ago

    Only if the carriers made a data plan that covered me as a whole person rather than me paying per device. I would go all in on cellular connected devices. But if I have my phone in my pocket it’s not worth paying another $10 for my watch to have cellular, and with hotspot I can cover my iPad/MacBook needs. But if I could pay one reasonable price for me to have data on all of my personal devices. I would gladly pay the extra hardware costs to have my iPhone, Watch, iPad, & MacBook to have cellular built in.

  • Ian Gordon - 4 months ago

    It makes sense it they has a lot of business users, but they will likely charge an insane markup and its not worth it. Keep it to the iPad line.

  • Antonio Alexander Quintana - 4 months ago

    Yes I absolutely would prefer a 5G enabled MacBook Pro Apple Laptop. I would assume it would have much better battery capabilities, so you can use the laptop on much longer periods of time without having to be tied to an electric outlet.

  • Ilhan - 4 months ago

    It would be useful for professional use and wouldn’t drain the iPhone’s battery

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