Which team has the best starting threesome?


  • Diane M Levine - 5 years ago

    Like the Dodgers but the addition of Greinke to the Houston pitching corps makes them scary.

  • Sam Pascarella - 5 years ago

    I still cant believe the front office let Grienke get away BOOOOOOOOOOO

  • Bryan Stewart - 5 years ago

    houston - they've proven it.

  • Michael Margaretten - 5 years ago

    I've been a Dodger fan since 1941. I still remember when when the Cleveland indians set a record for season wins and lost the Giants in four straight in 1954. The Dodgers were in first place in 1951, 13 1/2 games ahead of the Giants. (Remember Bobby Thomson snd Ralph Branca?) There were the Miracle Mets. Remember the Dodgers vs Minnesota and Sandy Koufax pitching on two days rest? How about Kirk Gibson? There were so many more games, races, and series way back to Walter Johnson and the ball that hit a pebble and bounced over the third baseman's head to give him his only series ring.

    It takes a whole team (and some luck) to win a World series!

  • Patrick McKelvey - 5 years ago

    I'm a looky-loo and was amazed that one responder couldn't say it was the Dodgers because there should be a mix of rightys and lefties; Kershaw is a lefty and the other two are rightys. But I agree with others that the top three for consistency belong to the Nationals even if it's true they aren't likely to make the Series this year. Part of that comes from being a San Diego State grad. Go big Steve!

  • Maggie Levy - 5 years ago

    The Dodgers are the best, with Houston a very close second. As great as
    he is, Kershaw is the weakest of our top 3.

  • wayne outwater De Ruyter, NY - 5 years ago

    Dodger blue since 1950 and love my boys. It is hard to pick from these 3 teams.
    But I will give a small edge to Nationals over Dodgers I like a mix of right handers
    and left handers not all righthanders

  • Judy Humphrey - 5 years ago

    I voted for the Dodgers. I agree that Houston has a great starting three, but the Dodger starters have a different look and attitude this year. Kershaw, in particular, has a look of determination that is more intense than in previous years. I have been a fan for 60 years+. This season is special! GO DODGER BLUE!

  • C.M. - 5 years ago

    Dodgers! Kershaw did get over worked and volunteered too often in those Cardinal games. He is to blame yet he was over worked. This team is fun. Like being a kid with cards. If they lose another WS yeah that will be disappointing. We still might be in the next 4 or 5 WS's. This is a team for the ages.

  • Walter Kleine - 5 years ago

    Astros appear almost unbeatable with those 3 starters Their 4th starter, Wade Miley has won 10 games already. Besides the Cy Young winner, they probably have the MVP and Rookie of the Year for '19 on the team. YES, I believe the Astros have the best starting threesome all the way.

  • Mike kellough - 5 years ago

    Well for sure it’s not the cheap “Dodgers”!! They Greinke and the opportunity to pickup Verlander!! So don’t complain!! Just get ready to loose another World Series!

  • Thomas Booth - 5 years ago

    I see the Astros the most and I can't believe anyone is better than Verlander, etc. etal.

  • Joe Petrusaitis - 5 years ago

    Obviously, there are a lot of biased Dodger fans in this poll!!

  • Juan Garcia - 5 years ago

    The best team right now are the boys in blue. Let’s go Dodgers.

  • Tony Cortes - 5 years ago

    Verlander's a proven playoff pitcher (3.19 ERA), compared with Kersh (4.32 ERA - 7.36 ERA last year v Boston in the WS). Cole's a dominant pitcher like Verlander. Nobody on the Dodgers even comes close to their current strikeout totals (206, 216), and Cole's playoff ERA sits at 3.72. Greinke's playoff ERA is 4.03. Beuhler's playoff ERA's at 3.80, and Ryu's sits at 4.11. The Astros also have Miley as their #4 pitcher, and his current ERA's at 3.05. I love my Dodgers, but right now Houston's got deeper starting pitching, a better bullpen, and their hitting's as good, if not better than ours. I'm not gonna lie, I'm hoping the Yanks, Twins, Indians, etc.. can knock them off in the AL playoffs..

  • Al Armstrong - 5 years ago

    Houston and then the Dodgers

  • Barbara Massa - 5 years ago

    I vote for the Dodgers starting pitchers. Hopefully they can pitch complete games so we don’t need to worry about relievers.

  • Benjamin Russell - 5 years ago

    L.A. Dodgers my team since 1947. Brooklyn/L.A

  • John Sciurba - 5 years ago

    Clayton Kershaw is the best regular season pitcher in MLB over the past 25 years. In the playoffs, he has been a very disappointing .500 pitcher who has imploded at least a half dozen times. St. Louis, anyone? Now take Madison Bumgarner. He is virtually unhittable come October when World Championships are on the line.

    In 2017, it should have been a no-brainer for Kershaw to start Game 7 of the World Series against the Astros. Even the Dodgers' management shied away from what should have been a layup decision.

    Until CK wins the World Series for the Dodgers by dominating in at least 2 wins, I'll always believe his playoff performance will never make him any better than 3rd or 4th best pitcher in Dodger history behind Koufax, Hershiser and possibly Drysdale.

  • Mark G. - 5 years ago

    Too many people are making the mistake of trying to figure out 'which would beat which other team': that isn't the question. the question is who has the best starting threesome, which doesn't even mean that they're the winningest threesome...

    I'll give Houston a slight edge, as, on paper, those three are a pretty impressive group. That isn't taking away from the others, I think that the Dodgers are right behind them. That said, it doesn't mean that the Astros will win it all, or anything else; it just means that in a vacuum, which doesn't exist, those three look like the (slightly) best combination. Great pitchers don't always win, and so-so pitchers get rings; it's hypothetical, folks...

  • Ron Rand - 5 years ago

    The Dodgers are the BEST, hands down and thumbs up! Motivation is the key! Each is determined to bring home the bacon this year.

  • Thomas Munoz - 5 years ago

    Not really. Houston only had one "big game" more than the Dodgers, back in 2017. Last year they tanked in the playoffs. The Dodgers made it both years.

  • Carlon perry - 5 years ago

    Houston has shown how good they are in the big games while our dodgers have shown they can't win the big games

  • Thomas Munoz - 5 years ago

    I'll give to the Dodgers, even with my concern over Kershaw in the first few innings of his recent starts. When he's on, he's on. And Ryu and Buehler are just dominant lately. Bye the way Steve Abrams, I disagree - the best team in 2017 was the Dodgers. Bad decisions led to their implosion.

  • Michael Holtslander - 5 years ago

    I voted for the Dodgers. Verlander didn’t win a game in 2017 WS. Greinke has lost to Dodgers more than he has beat them. Cole is not better than Buehler. Kershaw will get his ring. Ryu never has a bad game. But really it will come down to bullpen and clutch hitting.

  • Stevan Rosenlind - 5 years ago

    My heart tells me the Dodger starters are better, but if I had to bet the rent, I'd bet on Houston's -- but it is darn close.

  • Gabby - 5 years ago

    Kershaw is dialed in, if he can get past the first two innings. With middle relic giving up his leads, he's going to suffer some losses despite strong tough outings.. Kim is top-notch -- if healthy. Buehler is becoming another Bulldog. It all seems a little rocky going towards the playoffs. So I go with Houston.

  • David Kimball - 5 years ago

    I had to put on my objective hat for a moment, but I honestly believe, now that Houston has added Greinke, those three are slightly ahead of Kershaw, Ryu and Buehler. Still being objective, it's close, very close in my mind, though.

  • Mike mendez - 5 years ago

    There are a lot of other factors that can effect pitchers win/lose numbers but on pitching talent alone ,I think the Dodger trio is the best. Got to admit Verlander is having a great year. Will he lead his team to the World Series???I hope not, From a Brooklyn Dodger fan from Flatbush ave in Brooklyn, GO Dodgers!!!!!

  • JOHN SMILEY - 5 years ago

    i would probably feel more comfortable picking the Dodgers starters if they would forget the metrics stuff and let the boys pitch and play! Bueler obviously is capable of going nine...as are the rest....toss out the pitch counts! these are supposedly elite athletes.....they can't throw more than 80 pitches?

  • Matt Gaffney - 5 years ago

    I voted for Houston. Given Kershaw's history of choking in the playoffs I just couldn't vote for the Dodgers.
    Unless gutless grows a pair before October it'll be the same old story this year. All these comparisons to Sandy Koufax. Sandy's World Series era was less that 1.

  • Jerry McGarry - 5 years ago

    Considering all pitchers are at their top form in the game, Verlander vs Bueler is a wash, Cole vs Ryu is a wash. I would take Kershaw over Greinke in their matchup, so Dodgers win. But it will never come down to the starters (rarely does in the playoffs). Bullpen is key. Contrary to popular opinion, the Dodgers win here too. Congratulations to the 2019 World Series Champions - the Los Angeles Dodgers.

  • Bill Adams - 5 years ago

    Dodgers. They have Grienk"s number and the Senators will probably miss the playoffs.

  • Lewis Brooks - 5 years ago

    Washington will not even make the playoffs, so relying on Bill Veecks famous line---we came in in last place with them (turley and Larson) and I guarantee you we wont do any worse without them--I cannot possibly choose the over a trio which has an .800+ record. vrlander and Greinecke are a great duo. but as someone else said, any team on which Kershawon which Kershaw is the No. 3 is one hell of a teamom which Kershaw is no. 3 is one hell of a team!

  • Gary England - 5 years ago

    I truly believe the Dodgers have, overall, the three best starters.

  • THOMAS SMITH - 5 years ago

    Astros and it isn't even close.

  • Larry - 5 years ago

    I Think right now, ryu, Kershaw and Buehler are pitching as good as anybody. I'm excited to watch them dominate in this year's world series.

  • norcalien - 5 years ago

    I still think Justin Verlander is the best pitcher in baseball. He's having a Cy Young type season. Cole isn't too far behind. Throw in Greinke and that's a hard trio to beat. Kershaw, Ryu and Walker aren't too far behind.

  • Steve Abrams - 5 years ago

    The best team doesn’t always win the World Series- although Houston & Boston were the best! The best team in 2919 is The LA Dodgers!

  • Eric Schultz - 5 years ago

    Trying to be fair, I was tempted to pick Houston with their addition of Grienke, but the Dodgers already demonstrated that they can beat him on Opening Day, so I went with the Dodgers. The Dodgers also did well against Strasburg earlier in the year (but we missed Max and Corbin last week). So I picked Buehler, Ryu & Kershaw (any team with Kershaw as their 3rd starter is pretty outrageous…) But, I really think it's a tossup and these are definitely the 2 teams that we should fear the most in the postseason.

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