Now It's Your Turn! How Would You Rate FANTASY?
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  • Vivid - 10 months ago

    A huge step-up from iriwa in my opinion! While not terrible by any means, that song failed to grab me when I first heard it... Anyway, while excited for this concept, a part of me was worried that the group would just get bashed for trying to “copy dreamcatcher”, but surprisingly the reception from insomnias has been pretty positive. What would’ve made this song better, though, is if there was a member with a unique/flexible voice and range carrying the song (like Siyeon in Dreamcatcher). Because of that, the vocals seem very controlled and “safe” (even for kpop haha). The main vocals seem to have pretty good lower ranges that I hope they take advantage of for their next song. Finally, I hope this group gets some recognition so that poor woman (or man... you never know...) can get out of that stuffy-looking mask.

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