Should the province do more to protect Manitoba's wetlands?

  • Muriel Smith - 10 months ago

    To Bond: please note it is the provincial conservative government that is at fault here. That aside, it is up to all of us to demand the rule of law be enforced by all levels of government.

  • Bond - 10 months ago

    WE MUST do more to get rid of that little twisted queer TRUDEAU...he cannot lead this country any longer....his first concern is for his E.U. puppet masters who want to turn the world into a dictatorship and destroy national sovereignty and your deny your freedoms to create a totally dependent society on the government who then will put you in prison if you do not follow their orders, COMMUNISM 101... WE MUST MAKE CANADA GREAT AGAIN...;;;;;;VOTE CONSERVATIVE.....get that buttercup pop tart out of here..

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