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  • Donna McNicol - 5 months ago

    I currently maintain three, no, four blogs (one is hubby's, he writes and I add photos and publish).

    One is our personal blog and rarely is anything scheduled unless I am doing the April A to Z challenge. It chronicles what we are doing as well as silly dog pics of our two Goldendoodles. Hubby's is where he is journalling the build of his hobby barn. I just proof, clean up, add photos, and publish.

    One is a flash fiction photo prompt blog I took over - posts are done ahead and scheduled for midnight every Sunday. I do those a month in advance - no real writing is involved, just adding the photo/credit and the linky.

    One is my author site. I have scheduled posts every Friday for flash fiction. I also try to write ahead flash fiction stories for both my Friday prompt and the Sunday photo prompt. Other than that, I try to write at least weekly but not scheduled. When a topic hits me, I write it and schedule it where it works in the week ahead.

  • Joanne Tracey - 5 months ago

    I do a wrap-up post on a Sunday/Monday morning & usually something travel related for Thursday link-up. The rest is as and if and when the inspiration strikes. Weirdly I blog more when I'm supposed to be writing & I blog more when I'm super busy in the day job.

  • Miriam - 5 months ago

    These days I tend to write my blog posts at the drop of a hat and when I’m feeling inspired. I’ve been known to write an entire blog post on my phone or in the car when inspiration strikes. Though I used to schedule posts I mostly write after a trip or when something comes to me. We evolve with our blogs don’t we and for me at the moment, with so many changes going on in my life this is what suits. Writing, travelling, living, they’re all intertwined.

  • Janet Gogerty - 6 months ago

    I am intrigued as to how Lisa is circumnavigating the world! I schedule some blogs if we're going to have visitors staying or going away, but mostly I think of what to write as I go along, inspired by whatever's happening locally or in the wide world. I can't imagine blogs ready for next year, they might come across as dated or worse, clash horribly with world events!

  • Lisa Dorenfest - 6 months ago

    I am a full-time traveler and tend to post after I visit each major port. I do like to get out a post at least once a month but sometimes, travel schedules have me posting less or more than that. As I am completing my first circumnavigation, I would like to be a bit more scheduled and expand my writing beyond destination pieces. Will be interested to see the results from your posts

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