Starlight hooks up with someone by the end of the show! Who is it?

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  • Renegade Pegasus - 4 months ago

    Trenderhoof--because it's the last pairing anyone would expect.

  • CeleFan - 4 months ago

    Sunburst all the way (there's enough L' ships in the fandom anyway).

  • NintenCano - 4 months ago

    Come guys.
    Starburst can still wins.

  • Timmy Menard - 4 months ago

    People thought it was going to be Sunburst, but it had to be the great-and-powerful Trixie!

  • Fireball - 4 months ago

    Look who's winning now. I could swap the nouns and play your game, too.

  • Seraph_Octavian - 4 months ago

    Who are Simalo Duplexis Combined with Accellero?

  • Nightglider - 4 months ago

    Yeah I'm hoping for Sunburst here. Trixie is a fucky character so no

  • caseysealia - 4 months ago


  • Rudolf - 4 months ago

    >Sunburst winning
    Man, check out that heteronormativity

  • Mares Fillies - 4 months ago

    I'm fine with Starlight hooking up with either Sunburst or Trixie. As for Twilight Sparkle and Maud, they are just good friends at best. I want Sunburst and Trixie to have a threesome with Starlight. Just have Sunburst fill their pussies up with that good ol' nerdy cum. Do it for the bronies, Sunburst!! Do it man. :D

  • ch - 4 months ago

    Trixie x Starlight is destiny. DESTINY.

  • AppleDash - 4 months ago

    i'm a AppleDash shipper all the way to the moon however Trxilght is cute adorable and needs to be done.
    so Trxie and starlight it is.

  • Dan - 4 months ago

    A wood chipper or no one. Shipping any characters is stupid and weird!

  • Spottedlions - 4 months ago

    Definitely ship her and Maud. I hate Mud Briar. He can leave. MaudGlimmer all the way

  • don - 4 months ago

    Big Mac - Sugar Belle confirmed by CMC
    Discord - Fluttershy confirmed by Angel Bunny
    Spike - Rarity confirmed by Gabby & Pinkey
    Mr. Mrs. Cake confirmed by Pound and Pumpkin
    Maud - Mud Briar confirmed by Boulder and Twiggy
    Lyra - Bobbon confirmed by Tantabus
    Trixi - Starlight -Sunburst - Twilight confirmed by books and illegal fireworks in a dark alley

  • beo - 4 months ago

    Why would I care who the shittiest characters ends up with?

  • Toonbat - 4 months ago

    Why not Trixie AND Sunburst?

  • BatronCitronge - 4 months ago

    Well, Maud was perfect but she is taken
    So, uh
    Let her fuck Spike, I guess

  • xpstar214 - 4 months ago

    I see Starlight and Sunburst as more childhood best friends than actually hooking up. With Trixie on the other hand, their relationship and tension rivals that of Lyra and Bon Bon. StarTrix it is.

  • Blay - 4 months ago

    Starlight and Trixie because Starlight better stay away from my husbando Sunburst.

  • Nolan - 4 months ago

    StarTrix all the wayyyyyyy! :)

  • Anon-ononsha - 4 months ago

    We have 4 episodes left, two of which are the finale. Fuck wasting them on Starlight period, let alone more MLP romance.

  • Misscellanio - 4 months ago

    Definitely Starlight and Trixie!
    Sunburst clearly has no interest in Starlight and they don't nearly have as great a chemistry or dynamic as Starlight x Trixie (literally the only characters in the main show I ship together)

    also that 5th option is comedy gold

  • Richard PD - 4 months ago

    I would love Starlight x Trixie but it's just not realistic, so i chose Sunburst.

  • smp - 4 months ago

    Lets see....
    -Twilight and Sunburst would make perfect duo for each other, being that adorkable pair of eggheads
    and either is pretty much too good for Starlight.
    -Trixie is plain annyoing ever since she returned in s6, plus the Trixie/Starlight dynamic is rather meh if you ask me, so I'm not sure if that would be such good choice
    -Maud is awesome and taken.

    Yeah I guess the choice is simple, sorry Starlight. That spell is your only valid option.

  • Bryce Kanyon - 4 months ago

    If we're going just for laughs in this circumstance, I've got to go with Trixie on this case... Hear me out.

    I would get why fans would want Starlight and Sunburst to get together, in some way for 'obvious' reasons. But given that Sunburst pretty much ding-dong ditched Starlight the day he got his cutie mark, didn't even bother to keep in touch with his best friend (Or even write her letters) instead dwelling on the fact he truly was awful at the magic business, it stands to reason that it's 'partly' his fault Starlight went ballistic about cutie marks. Plus, even though they both take magic seriously they do have their differences such as Sunburst's liking for antiques which bores Starlight to tears. While I wouldn't be surprised if the whole 'Starburst' pairing is made official, to me Sunburst is just one of those 'clueless' male characters who don't seem to get how Starlight feels (Like the 'real' reason for playing this rather interesting board game since they were kids).

    Now 'Trixie' on the other hand... Sure she's very outspoken, sure she's cocky, sure she can be a bit selfish, and sure her magic isn't as strong as Starlight. Overall, 'The Great and Powerful' one herself is a 'flawed' character yet in some crazy way Starlight is nearly a perfect match. Even though Starlight may find herself dragged along on Trixie's shenanigans, she's nearly the perfect straight pony to keep her in line and in turn it's sometimes Trixie who teaches Starlight some important lessons (Like not to put work so high above her other priorities). I've seen 'tons' of fan drawings of the two girls together over the years, most of which gives an artistic perspective that they can be more than just PFFs and for me that's not entirely a bad thing. Maybe it's just the inner fan talking but I think if Starlight were to hook up with a pony who I feel shares the most chemistry and not so much professionally (Especially with the student-teacher duo with Starlight and Twilight), for the following reasons I've got to side with Trixie on this case.

    By the looks of the scores... I'd say this could be a very close poll.

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