How often do you pay for the ability to use a parking-reservation system at a truck stop or other facility?


  • charlie butts - 5 years ago

    to much money the owners of the truck stop
    Getting filthy rich off of the poor trucker

  • betty beaudoin - 5 years ago

    Thx tam and also loves and speedway travel plaza qt some of them do help. Most ta petro pilots fj. The cost is crazy high. Mark up is way above my pay check. It's so hard to even get a gallon of oil now and fuel additive. I mainly use rural king or fs now.

  • TruckerJohn - 5 years ago

    In most urban areas the pay spots are the only ones available & many times they are already sold. Reserving ahead of time is difficult for me because I don't always know how long shippers/receivers will take to load/unload. I run in many metropolitan areas where traffic can also cause a problem. Many times I'll run out of hours before I reach the place I've reserved a spot.

  • IdahoMtnGal - 5 years ago

    I avoid large TS parking at all costs...especially late at night. I try to find small mom & pop places or rest areas. When I can't & have to use a large name brand TS, I do pay for parking out if my own pocket. It's not a reimbursement item. I figure I pay 1-3 times a month.

  • DAT - 5 years ago

    The greed at these truckstop is getting out of hand,the ELDs are ruining the trucking industry.
    All the trucks are starting at the same time and stopping at the same time and we're being charged
    for it buy being forced to either park in unsafe places or pay to park.

  • TAM - 5 years ago

    I am against paid parking. Truckstops in general are expensive and after fuel and food I am spending $500+ on average at each stop. I commend Loves for not jumping the band wagon with reserved spots.

  • David Earley - 5 years ago

    Depends on when I have to drive the load . If I drive nights and break during daytime hours parking is easier to find, Because a lot of driver, don't like to drive at night.

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