Daily Poll: Have you changed travel plans to the U.S. because of gun violence?

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  • Sheila - 5 months ago

    Decided we had no interest in being in the US since Trump became President.

  • Jeff - 5 months ago

    We take our young kids every year to the USA for vacation. We have now decided that until something drastically changes, we will spend our vacation dollars elsewhere.

  • Claude Biron - 5 months ago

    You couldn’t pay me to visit the “greatest country in the world” with third world conditions made worse by Trump, guns, and overly aggressive border control agents. Give me Canada any day!

  • Rob - 5 months ago

    I moved to the states because of Trudunce and the division and stupidity of the liberal thinking.
    Currently spending time in USVI where theres a GANG shooting pretty much every 3wks.
    It's fine and you just have to be aware of your surroundings and protect yourself.
    Canadas shootings are 99% GANG and they will increase with the liberal government making ridiculously difficult absurd policies and laws.

  • Larry - 5 months ago

    It won't bother me for a second to go to the U.S. You can get killed anywhere. Look at the recent murders in our own country as well as the lower mainland killings. We are less than 10% of the population of the U.S. We have our own issues.

  • Jason - 5 months ago

    It scares me to be in Canada where the government and media openly discriminates against non-liberals. Trudeau is basically gay Hitler.

  • Richard Demarco - 5 months ago

    Have not and will not consider travelling to USA because of Trump and his policies which create fear and apprehension in the USA and the world

  • Barry McLeod - 5 months ago

    My wife and I have not traveled to the US since Trump was elected! The gun violence scares me, but so does the racist, hate filled, inhospitable attitude of the POTUS and the majority of the governing party.

  • Shaun - 5 months ago

    For a country of over 350 million people, more kids die of drowning, car accidents, and abuse than in 'mass shootings' which now includes 1 or more people being shot, gang shootings, and armed robberies.

    If liberals are serious, let's have Hollywood commit to no longer producing movies with guns, knives or violence in them

  • Leigh - 5 months ago

    Just returned from Houston, Texas. Won't be going back to the US for a very long time.

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