What do you think of our view on "red flag" laws?

  • SusanP - 4 months ago

    In the examples you give, Red Flag laws would have made no difference at all. There are already laws on the books that do NOT violate half the Bill of Rights, YET, school officials and Broward Co. Sheriff's office both FAILED to follow their own rules with Nikolas Cruz. Had they followed the plan, Cruz could have been in facility where his mental issues were being addressed long before the day he shot up his school. In all cases of mass shootings there were signs, but no one said or did anything until after the shooting happened. Other laws, ones that do not violate the Constitution and strip citizens of their basic rights exist. Use them! There is absolutely NO EXCUSE to deprive any citizens of his Constitutional Rights. I have yet to see a Red Flag law that did not violate at least 4 of those rights.

  • Herb Henderson - 9 months ago

    'Red Flag' laws merely attempt to bar the ‘violence’ horse after it left its barn decades ago. It’s a band-aid poorly conceived after events premeditated to cause confusion. Their implementation will not aid public safety, but rather likely increase the overall threat to everyday Americans.

    Why? Because Americans will only further become more dependent on “all-knowing” government systems, and not on their own senses. Any time one depends on something else to perform his or her responsibility, that person become less able in that area. The basic guarantor of individual rights, freedoms and safety is, of course, the individual. Dull his or her sense of personal responsibility in that direction and that citizen will sooner and later encounter trouble, trouble that could have been prevented had the person been observant and responsible.

    In nearly every case of mass homicide in this country over the last four decades, later analyses of each incident documented many indicators of significant perpetrator intent, where timely and accurate notification to authorities could have prevented the murder.

    My solution: let’s rehabilitate the average person into greater personal responsibility. In any area where people are highly aware, observant and willing to act, it would be nearly impossible for someone planning an atrocity to succeed, as at least some planning and prior preparations are necessary. This, of course might mean that people decide to assume personal responsibility, knock off the drugs and booze, and emerge from their smart phones and tablets in order to face the environment.

    Perhaps these last steps may prove initially unpopular, but confronting a sometimes-insane world is far better than accepting the eventual, soul-crushing oppression by an automated surveillance, and punishment-prone, Police State if ones dares not to confront it.

  • Levi Straussel - 9 months ago



  • Brent Willems - 9 months ago

    People don't seem to realize that Red Flag laws would work more in the favor of domestic abusers and other dangerous people. The abusers can have the police disarm their victims, claiming without needing evidence that their victims are the dangerous ones. Then they will be defenseless against the abusers.

  • Keith Longar - 9 months ago

    Ci would supporbb(xt red flag laws when a clear articulated threat has been issued, or the use of psychotropic drugs are prescribed. Gun bans magazine bans and restrictions of that type are a violation
    Second Ammendment rights.

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