How Did You Find My Blog Originally?

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  • Brenda - 3 weeks ago

    I know for sure that I found you during the Hurricane quilting that your were hosting because I was looking for a way to contribute blocks. I admire you so much for doing that and all the hard work that went into it. I have continued to follow you because I just love your posts and look forward to getting my email every day. I will miss you while you are on vacation from it all, but I totally understand the need. I enjoy all the photographs of your tablescapes, nature, wildlife, and anything quilting, especially patterns and tutorials. I would give a lot to have your energy to do all that you do.

    I do have a question. My sister has a quilt top flimsy that was in a hope chest left to her by my aunt. She had mostly forgotten about it until I became interested in quilting. It is a Dresden fan kind of pattern, I think, and I think it is mostly hand pieced. We want to do something with it because we think it may have been done by my grandmother but we don't know what to do or if it can be finished into a quilt, due to it being hand pieced and maybe it will be too hard to do. I was wondering if you ever look at something like this and give an opinion? If and when you have the time, if you can let me know at

    Back to your questions, I am old and not too active in following too much and it feels overwhelming to me and I love all the quilting information.

  • Marilyn Giardini - 3 weeks ago

    I came upon your website when I was searching on Google