What technologies did you find personally useful in your most recent provider encounter? (multiple answers OK) (Poll Closed)

  • I found no technologies useful in my most recent encounter
    25 votes

  • Electronic prescribing
    71 votes

  • Cost estimate / online payment
    17 votes

  • Interoperability with another of your providers
    8 votes

  • Virtual visit
    7 votes

  • Automated follow-up / engagement / education
    14 votes

  • Check-in and electronic forms completion
    51 votes

  • Appoint reminders / changes
    78 votes

  • Online scheduling
    75 votes

  • Patient portal
    127 votes



  • Survey Critic - 4 months ago

    My MD had electronic checkin but not electronic form completion so the survey wasn’t possible to answer in that regard. I’m not convinced that electronic checkin added anything positive to the experience. I guess e-prescribing made things a bit quicker in terms of picking up scripts but since NY state has mandated eRx, it doesn’t seem earth shattering anymore. None of the other options were available so I can’t comment on whether they would have helped or not....

  • Furydelabongo - 4 months ago

    I do consider many of the individual answers included in the “patient portal” selection. For me it’s the messaging aspects. Two examples that made my care better (for me). When it was published that I no longer should be taking my daily low dose aspirin, I sent a note, got a response later that day it was reasonable to stop. I could have waited for an appointment or a mass mailing but this messaging was simple. The second is that I could send in all my questions, concerns, comments, whatever was on my mind in advance of my appointment and, either get the answer in a message or know my PCP would would be aware of what was on my mind. Plus it forced me to think about what mattered to me.

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