What do you think of this Tesla Miata-size convertible?


  • robb rogers - 4 years ago

    Love it!
    I MUST have the same range as my Model 3 LR.
    Hard top, too.

  • Dick Amacher - 5 years ago

    I love the idea and the look. Mechanically, I think adhering to the wheelbase and pack form and capacity of the standard Model 3 would be better than a 50 whr pack for two reasons. The sports car may not achieve the same low cD of the Model 3 so efficiency may not yield 200 miles range and the smaller pack cannot deliver the same peak amperes as a larger pack so performance may be reduced if the vehicle is not sufficiently lighter.

  • Michael Elek - 5 years ago

    SIGN ME UP!!!! Owen hit the nail on the head. But PLEASE keep it a soft-top! Hardtop convertibles never look good (BMW 3, now 4-series excepted). Plus who wants all that additional weight and loss of usable trunk space?

  • Bob Uhl - 5 years ago

    Love the Tesla Miata concept. Maybe a two plus two?
    But, I really need a EV replacement for my MINI cabrio. A blast for myself everyday, but can squeeze up to four in a pinch, and with the top down can haul anything.
    Most fun most practical car ever.

  • Arthur D. Holmes - 5 years ago

    As attractive as this rendering appears, it’s not very likely to happen in my lifetime. Now, if Mazda were to electrify their own Miata, that’s a more likely and realistic proposition.

  • Exprexxo - 5 years ago

    Would trade my 2017 Miata in in a heartbeat for a convertible two seater 3 and would bring a boatload isf cash! Seriously! Tomorrow!

  • Jim - 5 years ago

    Nope! I could buy 2 new MX 5s for that price. They get 36+ MPG in ordinary driving.

  • Travis - 5 years ago

    I would trade in my Honda 2006 S2000 tomorrow. This is the Tesla I have been waiting for.

  • Rob - 5 years ago

    The inevitable club racing series that would follow might distract the owners attention from Mars for a few days!

  • Stephen Denobrega - 5 years ago

    Love it.. I would love for this to happen and to own one

  • Deb Palmer - 5 years ago

    Love it.. Red ,Electronic., and a convertible.. it would be my 15 convertible in my 50 years of driving and would to have one more new one.

  • Patrick Ip - 5 years ago

    Take my money, pkease! That would be awesome.

  • Chris - 5 years ago

    I voted "hate it" for only one reason. Tesla needs to focus on executing the cars and technology that they have already announced AND make money. Introducing more new cars, and this one would be great, and failing at the other business issues would likely end badly for the business.

  • tami wales - 5 years ago

    make it a HARDTOP convertible and then I'll buy it

  • Dan Falkoff - 5 years ago

    This is what i am waiting for. I am mostly pleased with my 2012 Leaf, which was a bargain used.

    Personally i have very strong feelings about a car's looks. To me the Leaf i have looks better than any Tesla (when all views are taken into account). To add to the conttoversy, i think the vehicle under discussion would look better if it were styled by Mazda.

  • Nelson matos - 5 years ago

    Just got m3. Would love to get one like this for wife.

  • Tanya - 5 years ago

    As a Model 3 Performance and a Miata SE owner that's been looking for ways to convert the latter, this would fulfill the dream of my perfect car.

  • W. R. Ward - 5 years ago

    Wish he would build a S based estate car (wagon) which I desperately need.

  • Paul R DesRoches - 5 years ago

    Love the rendering. Clean lines, subtle creases good integration of creases and curves from sides to the rear end. Wheels set in just right, using Tesla's own design look great. Nice job !!

  • Owen - 5 years ago

    They need to make this. The over 50 crowd is waiting for a affordable electric convertible! Would sell like hot cakes!

  • Owen - 5 years ago

    They need to make this. The over 50 crowd is waiting for a affordable electric convertible! Would sell like hot cakes!

  • Ken - 5 years ago

    Love it and the front end of my model 3

  • Gary Lagerstedt - 5 years ago

    This view looks great. Just don’t screw up and make an ugly front end like the model 3.

  • Jimmy Dodd - 5 years ago

    It's possible and about time;of course, the price is the issue.

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