Who you got when it comes to activism?

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  • LaKeta - 1 year ago

    I'm just here to prove Rod's point about the grace we give to those we like. With all the good we've seen Jay-Z do, it would be out of character for him to suddenly go full coon. Maybe he has a bigger picture, perhaps they have some stipulations to meet before Jay would even consider the contract, or maybe Jay plans to take all that coin and continue helping causes like bailing black mothers and fathers out of jail. Interesting how people jumped to THAT conclusion immediately. Also, Kaepernick said more than once that he wants to play again. If he accepts a job, is he a coon, too? And Eric Reid, you WORK FOR THE NFL What would you have him do?. LoL, I think the people who voted for Shaun King in the poll just hate Jay-Z. Beyoncé has forgiven him, y'all. It's fine.

  • Monique - 1 year ago

    Shaun King has scammed so many...oh yea ‘allegedly’.

    Jay Z has a proven track record which has set the bar for his actions super high. I really don’t care about the NFL partnership until it’s really ironed out. He has a right to make a business deal.

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