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  • Penelope - 5 weeks ago

    HRH The Duchess of Cambridge's own quote says it all really:"My parents taught me about the importance of qualities like kindness, respect, and I realise how Central values like these have been to me throughout my life." She is a real class act!

  • Kathleen - 5 weeks ago

    The Duchess of Cambridge just oozes class. She is beautiful and graceful. She is down to earth and relatable, clearly LOVES all children, has worked very hard to become the best example of a Royal she can be, and respects her position at all times.She has also brought attention to mental health with her initiative of Heads Together and I find that admirable!

  • Elena - 5 weeks ago

    Kate Middleton knows that she is a Royal, future Queen of England and not just a random celebrity. She follows and admires the rules and knows what people expect from her. I love her style of dressing and talking. Truly an inspiration for me and for many other people. I admire her.

  • Bella - 5 weeks ago

    Duchess of Cambridge of course. The QUEEN of people's hearts. We love a beautiful, poised and graceful princess. Such a lady I stan.

  • Patricia Wellington - 5 weeks ago

    The Duchess of Sussex ought to be leading but won’t as trolls will see to that in order to make a point. The Queen, Prince Harry, Prince Charles and Princess Anne are also my favourites because of their unstinting efforts. But I suspect the point of this poll is to do what the media narrative has been doing and try t astrocise HRH The Suke and Duchess of Sussex in the manner of Madame Tussaud’s?

  • Sandee - 5 weeks ago

    Truly caring and extremely hard working making a difference for women
    beautiful intelligent well spoken a lovely addition to the crown

  • Suzanne - 5 weeks ago

    Our Majesty the Queen. 93 and still strong and active, so impressive.

  • Janet Dixon - 5 weeks ago

    The Duchess of Cambridge is the epitome of english beauty, she has poise elegance and grace. Her clothes are exquisite. She gets on with her job in a quiet orderly manner, she works tirelessly for her charities at the same time as being a wife and mother to 3 children. Our absolutely stunning HRH The Duchess Of Cambridge our future Princess of Wales and eventually our wonderful Queen consort x

  • Connie - 5 weeks ago

    Duchess of Sussex is an amazing woman. She personifies grace & dignity. She's an achiever. She's a precious jewel.

  • Karon Wiersma - 5 weeks ago

    Catherine,The Duchess of Cambridge is my favourite royal.
    She’s an inspiration being a hard working royal, has also done huge amounts of charity work, who always looks immaculate and is a fantastic representative of our country and the Commonwealth and she is a wonderful mother to three young children.

  • Alicia Johnson - 5 weeks ago

    Duchess of Sussex for the win. In just over a year of marriage and whilst pregnant for majority of the time, she has represented the UK in 3 tours, taken on 4 patronage’s, completed 100s of engagements&put small charities and enterprises like One25, Luminary Bakery and Little Village on the map, helped produce a best selling and award winning cookbook to support and empower survivors of the Grenfell tragedy and guest edited what is sure to be a best selling issue of Vogue. She has achieved the above whilst getting used to a new country, joining a world famous family and learning their customs and traditions, handling the most public and painful family betrayal and amidst an unprecedented smear campaign for a new royal by a hostile and increasingly deranged press and arguably aided by in-laws and/or staff she’s meant to be able to trust. I don’t know how she has done it but she has been epitome of grace under fire.

  • Jane Elms - 5 weeks ago

    I voted for the Duchess of Cambridge because she represents our Royal Family with dignity,class & humility and she takes her role very seriously. She knows what is expected of her by the British people. She loves her country and is easing into her future roles (POW & QC) with grace. The British public love Catherine.

  • Kate Peabody - 5 weeks ago

    The Duchess of Sussex is the best thing to happen to the Royals. Before now, I had never followed the Royals as diligently. She is a woman of substance, gifted with the character/ingredient of humanity. She is selfless with grace and poise. I am grateful everyday to know her. She has inspired me in more ways than I can count. I pray for her, Harry and Archie everyday.

  • Henny - 5 weeks ago

    An inspirational, hard working visionair. She brings new dynamic into the British monarchy.

  • Mary - 5 weeks ago

    HRH Catherine, The Duchess Of Cambridge is lovely, educated, classy and very sweet.

  • Gislaine - 5 weeks ago

    Duchess Of Cambridge

  • Arrie Galvan - 5 weeks ago

    Queen Elizabeth--Prince William.

  • R shapiro - 5 weeks ago

    Duchess of Cambridge. Classy, stylish and a wonderful lady

  • Guilene Jeanty - 5 weeks ago

    I vote for the Duchess Of Sussex because she is a hard working royal, she care about the charity she’s patron of, she’s involved in every single one of them, she’s not only there to smile and shake hand, she participates with her time.

  • Oduko okari - 5 weeks ago

    Best gift the Royal house can ever get.

  • Oduko okari - 5 weeks ago

    Best gift the Royal house can ever get.

  • Gladys - 5 weeks ago

    The Duchess of Sussex is an inspiration worldwide & a great force for change.

  • Mimirahimi - 5 weeks ago

    Kate midfleton is the best

  • R.K - 5 weeks ago

    Duchess of Sussex. She is gives a refreshing look to the Royal British Family

  • Jayne - 5 weeks ago

    The amazing Duchess of Sussex

  • Dionisia Stockli - 5 weeks ago

    The Duchess of Sussex is intelligent and hard worker. Prince Harry and The Duchess of Sussex complement each other in working to make a difference in many peoples lives around the world.

  • Ykato - 5 weeks ago

    HRH Meghan Duchess of Sussex has achieved more in 1 year of royal marriage and 2 years as a full time resident of the UK. SHE ROCKS!!!!

  • Jayne - 5 weeks ago

    The Duchess of Sussex is absolutely amazing a wonderful humanitarian ????

  • Marilyn Wilder - 5 weeks ago

    The Duchess of Sussex is a warm, giving, inspirational force of change!

  • Gloria johnson - 5 weeks ago

    Duchess Meghan is an inspiration for many young girls. She is simply beautiful and wonderful.

  • Mrs Charles - 5 weeks ago

    Duchess of Sussex. Amazing woman

  • Beng Levy - 5 weeks ago

    When Duchess Meghan work with charities, expect a tangible results. Her presence also brings awareness and excitement, and shining a light on relatable causes.

  • Rania - 5 weeks ago

    Meghan duchess of Sussex is the most inspirational and beautiful princess! Intelligent, eloquent. Poised and elegant! What a treasure!

  • Carrie R - 5 weeks ago

    D of Sussex. Has hit the ground running. Thinks outside the box. Hard working.

  • Anne marie - 5 weeks ago

    La duchesse de Sussex est une inspiration pour toute personne qui veut
    Réussir par ses propres moyens. C'est une passionné de l'humanité. Elle est la
    Preuve qu'on peut être née de rien et se faire un nom soi même

  • Jannie Klaassens - 5 weeks ago

    Duchess Meghan...beautiful insite and out

  • Evelyn Tindi - 5 weeks ago

    She is selfless

  • Mardy Druel - 5 weeks ago

    HRH DOS, is doing a wonderful job, after all, she comes from the real world with first hand knowledge of what/where 'hard work' can get you. Meghan was a fully formed woman pursuing betterment for those less fortunate than herself before the 'titles' and will continue to thrive in this capacity despite the antagonism from the idle, ill-informed, and ugly UK press and their followers.

  • Pearly - 5 weeks ago

    The Duchess of Sussex is an amazing, smart and a class act!

  • Nic - 5 weeks ago

    Meghan is my favourite

  • jacqulyn smither - 5 weeks ago

    Duchess Meghan is that rare person who see good in everyone. However, she is the strongest person I have seen.
    She is strong because she know who she is and her mother made sure no one would define her daughter. Meghan did not marry up she married down(Although I do love Harry).

  • Rachel Daniels - 5 weeks ago

    The Duchess of Sussex has remained true to who she was before she became a Royal. She has made me more conscious of service in my community and that I can do something to help my fellow man, no matter how small.

  • MrsMe - 5 weeks ago

    Strong, resilient, beautiful, classy and a devoted wife and mother. A positive influence and beacon of selflessness for the good of others in the face of so much negativity and bullying. Definitely a Force For Change.

  • Rivers Pam - 5 weeks ago


  • Asnath Kalala - 5 weeks ago

    The Duchess of Sussex Meghan. The epitome of Grace, strength, using her voice , platform for good. She is an inspiration to all of us. Despite the bad press, she is still focused on the important things.
    The best of all

  • Verona Robinson-Shepherd - 5 weeks ago

    Duchess of Sussex: is a special person, I will never stop carein about her, and what she stands for.

  • Kizza Milka - 5 weeks ago

    Meghan is selfless

  • Kizza Milka - 5 weeks ago

    Meghan is selfless

  • Nicole Young - 5 weeks ago

    Meghan The 1st Duchess Of Sussex

  • Patricia Magee - 5 weeks ago

    The Duchess of Sussex is an amazing woman, not only she’s the most beautiful & an intelligent human being, her work ethics are insane. She stands firm to what she believes in. She’s hands on in everything she does. She’s teaching young women that no matter who you married to, don’t ever lose sense of self/ who you are. work just as hard and be yourself when most want you to change & be fake instead stand your grounds and be the force of change. She’s the BEST!!

  • Zeny - 5 weeks ago

    She’s amazing I love her

  • Willie Ruth WILLIAMS - 5 weeks ago

    Dutchess of Sussex

  • Jane Dobson - 5 weeks ago

    A phenomenal young woman with a platform and she’s not afraid to use it to help others.

  • Steve Colyer - 5 weeks ago

    Lady Laurele, Queen of Plutonia, Laurel Kornfeld. The only Royals worth spit are the Queen
    and Meghan.

  • Bernadette - 5 weeks ago

    Can't stand lazy Duchess who wants all the perks with no work.

  • M NM - 5 weeks ago

    Duchess Meghan

  • Pamela C Ranberg - 5 weeks ago

    Duchess Meghan is the epitome of a modern princess that especially works to empower females.

  • Mama - 5 weeks ago

    She is amazing and inspirational to this generation

  • G - 5 weeks ago

    Duchess of Sussex is an amazing woman.

  • Gina Jennifer - 5 weeks ago

    She’s the modern princess that we need. Very inspirational.

  • MB - 5 weeks ago

    Duchess's of Sussex is an amazing woman, who shows us how to hold our head high in the midst of the most debilitating storms.

  • MB - 5 weeks ago

    Duchess's of Sussex is an amazing woman, who shows us how to hold our head high in the midst of the most debilitating storms.

  • Brenda Benjamin - 5 weeks ago

    The Duchess of Sussex is a global inspiration to many. She uses her platform to empower others .

  • A - 5 weeks ago

    She is the best.

  • Clare Kibuuka - 5 weeks ago

    She’s an international ambassador

  • Laurel Kornfeld - 5 weeks ago

    Princess Laurel is much smarter, more dedicated to humanitarian concerns, and far more beautiful than Kate Middleton will ever be.

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