Have you ever been skiing?

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  • Really Dark Knight - 11 months ago

    My wife and I were skiing at Keystone Ski Resort two decades ago and noticed a lot of black folks skiing at the resort, way more than normal. It was the National Brotherhood of Skiers that was having their convention that weekend. There were thousands (THOUSANDS!) of black folks hitting the slopes, including yours truly. So there really are black folks out here skiing.

    Now you may ask yourself, why is there an organization of black skiers? It was the result of the Civil Rights Movement and it was another thing that black folks weren't allowed to do. Besides, it is a lot of fun.

  • Phil G - 11 months ago

    I am black and as such, no skiing for me. But ya boy did hit the slopes on a snowboard and had a ball, until you fall into that cold unforgiving snow.

  • Alicia - 11 months ago

    I am Black and me and all my black ass cousins & sisters went skiing. Y'all should try it Rod & Karen! We went to Oober-Gatlinburg (sp?) where it is affordable and they give you ski lessons so you won't bust your ass too bad (and hey, if you do its on soft snow so it won't hurt so bad). We had so much fun laughing at each other. We were on the bunny slopes struggling while lil bitty white children were zooming past us. We rented a cabin in Tennessee and made a weekend out of it. I would love to hear y'all talk about it after y'all try it.

  • Randy - 11 months ago

    Skiing is definitely cultural. I don’t know one black person whom goal it was to hit the slopes!

  • Mike in London - 11 months ago

    Yes, I love skiing, and I am as white as the snow. Although nobody can tell when you are wearing ski clothes.

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