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Poll posted 4 weeks ago.


  • Rodney Waugh - 4 weeks ago

    Not really a fan of it..... It does have an old school look about it which would be fine on throwback nights but as an overall let's keep the hurricane warning flags

  • S. Cunningham - 4 weeks ago

    I like it, looks sharp. Old school feel to them.

  • Greg Anderson - 4 weeks ago

    Boring. Now, the hurricane flags....that's a jersey

  • Chase - 4 weeks ago

    Just bring the logo back and id approve

  • Jason Bennett - 4 weeks ago

    Very solid. Very clean and great use of all the logos.

  • Amanda Hensley - 4 weeks ago

    Awesome uniforms cant waut for the season to start!!!!

  • Heath Kopchak - 4 weeks ago

    I like the jersey but really do not the diagonal lettering. It seems like we’re trying to be retro again like the 2013-14 jersey which was the ugliest to date. Why try to look like an original team (red wings) when you’re not. You’re a young exciting team trying to make a name for yourself so be yourself and not somebody else.

  • Landen Holloman - 4 weeks ago

    I love this jersey, so much better than the last one.
    (Not that I didn't dislike the last one but it was too simple)

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