Who has the best chicken sandwich?

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  • EvieE - 4 months ago

    Yes I voted for Arby’s because I’m tired of the Arby’s slander. They have the meats. ????????‍♀️

  • brooklynshoebabe - 4 months ago

    You know what? I don't go to burger joints to get chicken sandwiches. I go to get burgers and fries, and the occasional chicken tenders. I didn't realize black folks were so passionate about chicken sandwiches to be honest (but anything to distract us from the burning dumpster fire of our government, am I right?). So, I went out and got spicy chicken Popeye's sandwich because Popeye's is literally a 5 minute walk from my house. It was spicier than I expected (my aging stomach can't handle the spice anymore), but it was tasty. I wasn't falling out on the floor but I had nothing to compare it to, but I'm not going to buy other chicken sandwiches to do a taste test because I don't have money like that. lol.

  • Biggy - 5 months ago

    So it was a toss up being Popeyes and Wendys. Love me the Spicy Wendys Club But Popeyes added the pickle and it was a wrap for my previous favorite.

  • Iman - 5 months ago

    Well, I wasn’t going to vote because I haven’t gotten to taste the Popeyes sandwich yet, because the raggedy ass restaurant near me keeps running out of ingredients. My husband says it’s good. But who really knows? And he’ll eat practically anything. I’m just enjoying these jokes and memes. Did you see the sketch Roy Wood Jr did on his Instagram? I died. Also did y’all peep how CFA launched its Mac & cheese nationwide right when folks were talking about boycotting them? Then folks got all quiet, because they’re mouths were probably stuffed with cheesy goodness. Well played CFA, I was sure they’d take a dip in sales since their ceo supports trump. But naw, niggas still going, I’m not judging though, because my kid loves CFA and I’ll be back after the election is over. I’ve been trying to distract her with other restaurants recently.

  • Mizzanderson - 5 months ago

    I have been enjoying that Popeyes chicken sandwich for at least a month now, and I pulled up to get one today at lunch and asked myself why the heck is there a line at popeyes? Then I heard this episode and that explains it all! These niggas done found out about it. We don’t have a chic filet close by so I don’t know if it’s better but it sure is good!

  • Blue Wave Rider - 5 months ago

    I heard you talk about those "intelligent", blue check mark, conservative white folk who objected to Project 1619. I love the way they try to re-write history to erase the complicity and evil of their ancestors who supported, benefited or otherwise overlooked the human trafficking of African people.

    Can't believe the Civil War was fought to liberate the happy slaves from their benevolent masters. Moreover, many enslaved people left the plantation to fight with the Union Army to destroy the institutional happiness that was slavery in the US. FOH!!!!

    Martin Luther King said


  • Mimi - 5 months ago

    I live in France. I voted for Popeyes on GP because they have the best seasonings and I just like voting for things.

  • Jane M. (thewritin1) - 5 months ago

    Since my Popeye's messed up my order and gave me a classic sandwich without the sauce, I really can't judge it against my favorite spicy chicken sandwich from Wendy's. It was still delicious, a 4 out of 5. I'll try again in a few weeks. I knew better than to go over there on the first day! LOL!

  • ROCC STAR - 5 months ago

    Hi Rod and Karen, based on my research, I have found Shake Shack to have the best chicken sandwich, they can add bacon, and subtract the homophobia from your order, while Chick Fil a can only do one of those things. Plus, Chick Fil A fries take like paste, there I said it.! Shack probably will not win out, since everyone isn't familiar with Shake Shack. If anyone lies and answers, In N Out is the best, I'm slapping shit out of them for messing with this scientific survey, cuz In n Out doesn't serve chicken ever. The new Popeyes spicy chicken sandwich is lit, you just can't add bacon. Their was a commercial for the sandwich around a month ago. But since Popeyes changes their promotions each month, you might have missed it. I started seeing the commercial around the time they were airing the double dip boneless chicken wing commercials. I think now, they're onto promoting their surf and turf or shrimp basket. The only thing about the Popeyes sandwich may be that, it possibly a limited time offer. Wendy's spicy chicken sandwich is serviceable as well. There are no Bojangles in TX or CA, so I can't hate on them yet. The point is, don't sleep on the Popeyes joint while its here, but Shake Shacks chicken sandwich is here for the long haul. Keep up the great work, you guys! And may white Jesus continue to bless you two.

  • Alicia - 5 months ago

    Rod, the way y'all talked about these chicken sandwiches make me wanna go on a chicken sandwich spree. I gave up fast food (for the most part) but I'm about to hit up Bojangle's, Popeye's, and that Wendy's spicy chicken (never had those!)

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