My School Rules [KENTUCKY VOTING] 2019


  • Brenda Fambrough’s - 5 years ago

    We love spottsville!!!! Go Panthers!!!!!!

  • jerry thrasher - 5 years ago

    All my kids have went to ohs

  • LaDonna T Calvert - 5 years ago

    My youngest child will be graduating from McLean County High School this year! It would be awesome to see this win!

  • Wil Jackson - 5 years ago

    We are Bulldogs we have pride, loyalty , respect for one another. It is just not one person it's everyone as a TEAM..
    We have the heart and head-strong.

  • Kimi - 5 years ago

    SHES Stars!!!

  • Karen - 5 years ago

    Go, Heritage Christian School Jaguars!

  • Brianna Howard - 5 years ago

    Cravens Elementary and Owensboro Middle South Campus are very awesome schools and I was a student at Cravens and I am a student South Campus. Cravens are really helpful and South Campus Of OPS Middle really needs the money LETS GO CRAVENS AND SOUTH CAMPUS!!!!!!

  • Melissa - 5 years ago

    Go East View!!!!

  • Jamie phelps - 5 years ago

    Spottsville Panthers ???????????????? Go Panthersrs

  • Krystal Hinton - 5 years ago

    Spottsville is the best ever!

  • Charlene Waldron - 5 years ago

    Go Jaguars!

  • Bryan parker - 5 years ago

    Let win 2 in a row whitesville elementary

  • Shelly Mullen - 5 years ago

    Sorgho elementary rocks

  • Diann Cecil - 5 years ago

    Please VOTE for EAST VIEW ELEMENTARY they have an amazing teachers and staff. They give their heart to their students and they such an support team for each other. This school ROCKS, we just love them.????????????????

  • Ashley Haycraft - 5 years ago

    South Hancock Elementary rocks!! Great people, great school!! Go Stars!!!

  • Sharon - 5 years ago

    Great Hunters at Hanson...

  • Starla Lanham - 5 years ago

    Eastview Elementary school rocks. They r the best. My boys went there n they have both graduated high school in 2010 n 2014. Now the 3 kids we have guardianship of r going to eastview n they love it there. Eastview rocks.

  • Gena - 5 years ago

    Come on Trojans!

  • Amy Cameron - 5 years ago

    South hancock elementary school in Hawesville, KY! What a blessing the staff is!

  • Loretta - 5 years ago

    Burns is not what people think they dont care about there student give it all to eastview

  • Dina Groves - 5 years ago

    East View Elementary rocjs

  • Stephanie Hagan - 5 years ago

    Burns Middle deserves this for sure! It’s an amazing school!

  • Tina House - 5 years ago

    They really, do a great job at teaching the students, you can tell by the level of their scores, in the beginning and the ending of they years scores. My Grandsons (2 of them) have receive rewards for top speller, top in math. and they never miss school. They are now in the 5th grade. The teachers care, that the children behave and feel proud of themselves also. My Grandson designed a logo saying (Child Abuse Stinks). They play basketball, wrestling, and have many, many friends. There is a class for the learning challenged children. My grandsons make friends with them, and treat them as they should. The school teachers has showed up for some events on their off duty time. It's the best, small town school.

  • Donna Ebelhar - 5 years ago

    Burns Elementary Bobcat Rock!

  • Rob Schell - 5 years ago

    Tamarack elementary and Burns Middle are the best!!

  • Crystal Casey - 5 years ago

    Town meeting is perfect and I couldn't think of a better way for our students to start their day. Being a Leader in Me School we are divided into houses but teach the students that no matter what house they are in we are one family.

  • christy - 5 years ago

    go tamarack stars

  • Julie Decker - 5 years ago

    Ohio County High School is a good school.

  • Jan Graves - 5 years ago

    Beaver Dam Elementary is great.

  • Vickie Hoops - 5 years ago

    Southern Elementary School Rocks

  • Alison Keesler - 5 years ago

    Go Tamarack Stars!!!

  • Michael Jackson - 5 years ago

    Beaver Dam Elementary School is a good school.

  • Jennifer - 5 years ago


  • Michael Bone - 5 years ago

    The Mighty Maroons, GO BIG M

  • Angela Embry - 5 years ago

    Go, Beavers!

  • Tamara Johnson - 5 years ago

    The best school ever!

  • Tracy Flood - 5 years ago

    Let’s go Rebels!!

  • Davida Stewart - 5 years ago

    Lets go Blackhawks..Greenville Elementary Is the best

  • Glenda Worthington - 5 years ago

    Go Southern Oaks! Great kids and Great staff!!!!!

  • Sharon Thomas - 5 years ago

    My daughter's, grandkids,and now great grandson's are going there it's a great school with wonderful teachers throughout the years. They deserve it.

  • Gena - 5 years ago

    Let's do this Trojans!!!!!!!

  • Lindsey - 5 years ago

    So proud of the progress my kids have made since switching to this school.

  • David - 5 years ago

    Awesome good luck schools

  • Jenni Logsdon - 5 years ago

    Good Luck to all the schools!

  • Lindsay - 5 years ago


  • Holly - 5 years ago

    Such a great school they definitely deserve this????

  • Leanna Wilson - 5 years ago

    Would like to see these kiddos have a good time.

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