Which is the best version of "To Be or Not to Be"?

  • Riley R. - Period 1 - 1 year ago

    I voted for Mel Gibson's version because I thought that he portrayed Hamlet's mood the best out of all the versions. In this specific soliloquy, Mel Gibson spoke with a lot of emotion that showed the viewer how depressed and suicidal he truly was.

  • Alivia M - 1 year ago

    I voted for the Mel Gibson version because of his mood changes throughout the soliloquy. His emotions go from depressed to angry and conflicted. It portrays how Hamlet is not only putting on an act but actually turning crazy. I also liked the setting of the sepulcher. It shows how he really is depressed and contemplating suicide. I think the pauses Mel Gibson makes in his soliloquy also stood out because you could see the thought process going on about whether or not he should kill himself and you could also see the hurt in his eyes.

  • Clark Powers - Period 1 - 1 year ago

    I voted for the Kenneth Branagh because I think he portrayed Hamlet very well. The scenes in the play corresponded very well with the book and made the most sense to me. Branagh's version shows Hamlet's emotions the best in most scenes. During the scene, Hamlet showed his true feelings about his father's death.

  • Michael Cankosyan - 1 year ago

    I voted for Mel Gibson's version because he looked and sounded deeply troubled. It captured Hamlet's depression perfectly and showed that he was seriously considering whether or not to take his own life.

  • Patrick Phelan - 1 year ago

    I chose the Kenneth Branagh version of the "To Be or Not To Be" speech because of how well he displays all of the emotions Hamlet is feeling in that moment. I also liked how the director chose to have Hamlet talk into the mirror, because it adds more emphasis on the concept that the speech was a soliloquy, and that he was "alone".

  • Sofia K, p.1 - 1 year ago

    I voted for David Tennant because he really portrayed how depressed Hamlet truly is. The audience could really see it in his facial expression and eyes how the character was feeling.

  • Peter Mangini, Period 1 - 1 year ago

    I voted for Kenneth Branagh because his role requires lots of energy and mood swings, and he filled the role perfectly. Also, Kenneth shows Hamlet's true states of emotion and what he is going through. In fact, I also loved the way he was talking to his father's ghost because he was very expressive.

  • Zach S, Period 1 - 1 year ago

    I chose the Kenneth Branagh because I feel that the setting and tone in Hamlet's voice best illustrates an eerie or downright frightening scene, and this makes it very interesting. In the scene, he is all alone in the palace looking at a mirror while holding a blade, all of this is occuring during the rather depressing soliloquy. In my opinion, it just kept me very interested and I thought it was the best scene.

  • Tara Edwards - 1 year ago

    I thought David Tennant's version was the best because i thought it was much deeper than the other. that she was actually truly debating whether or not to commit suicide.

  • Maya - 1 year ago

    I personally liked the Kenneth Branagh version better because it helps demonstrate Hamlet’s true emotions during that period of time. During the scene, Hamlet showed his real feelings towards his father's death.

  • Sasha Bastedo - 1 year ago

    I liked Mel Gibsons portrayal of this scene because it really captured Hamlets depression and thought process. The setting also contributed to the power of this scene because of the tombs.

  • Monica Rivera, 1 - 1 year ago

    I truly enjoyed David Tennant's emotion and facade during his soliloquy, it's as if I could see the raw melancholy in his eyes. Watching the other performances I didn't really see that, in Mel Gibson's Hamlet is very lost in thought, Kenneth Brannaghs depicts a madness edge to Hamlet, while Ethan Hawke's was just terrible. The raw emotion and the lack of setting truly captivated me. Which is why Tennant's soliloquy is the best.

  • Tia Marar - 1 year ago

    in my opinion the Mel Gibson version of the “to be or not to be” speech was the best version, because I think that this scene was preformed very well and the acting was engaging. I also think that the setting of this scene was the way i imagined it to be, which is like a spooky and dark place. I think that this scene also showed hamlets true emotions, which I really liked.

  • Olivia Dinger - 1 year ago

    The Mel Gibson version, in my opinion, is the best because he really shows how depressed Hamlet is and what is causing it. He does this by having Hamlet stand above his ancestors and father. The way he speaks and moves about in the tomb especially stands out, showing his depression more than the other versions did.

  • Kara Dixon - 1 year ago

    My favorite version of this scene is the Mel Gibson version, because it shows Hamlet's true emotions towards his father's death. He is located in the tomb, looking over his ancestors, specifically his father. It shows the root of Hamlet's depression, which is his father's death. This also displays how truly upset he is over the situation, upset enough to contemplate taking his own life.

  • Fiona Killeen - 1 year ago

    I personally liked the Mel Gibson version better because Mel Gibson spoke with a lot of emotion. I also liked the close-up shots because they showed his sorrowful facial expressions.

  • Alyanna Depalma - 1 year ago

    I voted for the Mel Gibson version because his acting was engaging and expressive. The setting of Hamlet being surrounded by his ancestors also adds to his intense soliloquy.

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