Which director's unlikely space movie would you most want to see?


  • Alfredo Gutierrez (Compton, Ca) - 1 year ago

    A kelly reichardt vehicle about the human colonization of Mars would be fun to watch.

  • Eric Hill - 1 year ago

    I was torn between Coppola and Reichardt, feeling either could deliver a Tarkovsky/Kubrick adjacent take on very interior and philosophically humanist science fiction... but a little bit of viscera to balance out the braininess makes for a better story in my opinion... so I'd say Lynn Ramsay seems best suited. My pitch would be for a Silent Running remake starring Kristen Stewart in the Bruce Dern role. Revisiting this story of ecological preservation in our current global climate crisis would make for a timely project, and Ramsay / Stewart could definitely deliver the character complexities borne of isolation and a singular dogged pursuit.

  • Brady Larsen - 1 year ago

    We’ve had plenty of great space films in this decade that capture the staggering scope of space travel. I want something more intimate and character-focused, in the vein of Danny Boyle’s “Sunshine”. I’d like to see more films that capture what it feels like, psychologically, to float through the void in an enclosed space with a small group of people. To sail through the endless, inky blackness with the same faces for months on end. With this in mind, I submit Mike Leigh as the ideal choice to tease out the intimacy and claustrophobia of space travel. Not only because his work with character is peerless. Not just because I believe he is the finest director of actors currently living. But because his process actually has a lot in common with a space mission. He gathers a team of actors and they spend months exhaustively workshopping, rehearsing and improvising with each other. When I see Leigh's astronauts up on screen i know I will believe from the first moment that these people know each other like a second family and that they are also probably more than a little sick of the sight of each other. I'll believe this because, on some level, it will actually be true

  • Brady Larsen - 1 year ago

    We’ve had plenty of great space films in this decade that capture the staggering scope of space travel. I want something more intimate and character-focused, in the vein of Danny Boyle’s “Sunshine”. I’d like to see more films that capture what it feels like, psychologically, to float through the void in an enclosed space with a small group of people. To sail through the endless, inky blackness with the same faces for months on end.

  • Boaz - 1 year ago

    Herzog for Star Wars... oh wait....

  • Josh Ashenmiller - 1 year ago

    I voted for Wong Kar-Wai because I want to see "In the Moon for Love." Here is my list for the rest of them:
    Mike Leigh, "Another Lightyear"
    Spike Lee, "Malcolm THX"
    Sophia Coppola, "Saturn's Bling Rings"
    Barry Jenkins, "Moonraker" (a re-make)
    Lynne Ramsay, "We Need to Talk About Heaven"
    Kelly Reichardt, "Meek's Takeoff"

  • Michelle - 1 year ago

    I voted Sofia Coppola but I wish I had voted Kelly Reichardt. Imagine this:

    Film spends a good 40 minutes in the wild with characters who barely speak or only mumble, barely decipherable words. You have no idea where they are, who they are, or even what era it is. It isn't until the halfway mark that you realise they are on another planet, just living their lives and trying to survive. What happened to Earth? Are they even human? Is this reality? WHO KNOWS. Take my money now please.

  • Evan Wilcox - 1 year ago

    This is the best poll question ever. I want to see all of these.

    But I voted for Spike Lee because he seems the most likely to make a space movie that’s unlike anything anybody’s done before.

  • Keenan Collett (London) - 1 year ago

    Lynne Ramsay was, at one point, about to embark on an adaptation of Moby Dick set in space.

    Yes please. That is all.

  • Will Krischke - 1 year ago

    Wong Kar Wai's swooning romanticism and visual style would work so well in space, it begs the question: why hasn't he made a space flick yet? It just seems like a logical progression - after all, "2046" was almost/barely sci fi...

  • Laura - 1 year ago

    After looking at this list, I said aloud with surprise, "Oh! I want to see a Spike Lee space movie!" One of those things you don't know you want until you see the possibility.

  • Elijah Davidson - 1 year ago

    How a three-act anthology film about a team of astronauts taking a multi-eon, speed of light journey across the universe to explore a newly discovered world? The first act is is them preparing to leave on earth, dealing with their spark of fame, the drama of leaving all they know behind, and the "unknown new" they are trading it all for. Sofia Coppola directs that act. Act two is on the ship as they travel. They each take turns arising from suspended animation in pairs to complete necessary maintenance tasks, prompting one-on-one interactions and for-now unable to be requited relational complications. Barry Jenkins gets that act. Wong Kar-wai gets act three, during which the team arrives at their destination and navigates both the new terrain, the now complicated relationships amongst themselves, and the strain of being millions of miles and years away from all they know.

  • Big Dan T - 1 year ago

    My vote goes to Lynne Ramsey. I like my space movies with a distinct visual style and content that attaches itself to your brain and gnaws away at you for months afterwards. I can think of no more fitting a director than Ramsey to accomplish this.

  • Lisa Nelson - 1 year ago

    My vote goes to Mike Leigh and not just because Adam and Josh think it would be torture for Mike Leigh to do sci-fi. I just want to see his group of regulars play astronauts (and I agree with Richard Poutt's spot-on comment). I mean, who doesn't want to see Timothy Spall and Lesley Manville play down on their luck frustrated astronauts?

  • Cormac Riordan - 1 year ago

    I voted Reichardt for one reason: midwest accents in space.

  • Douglas in Uppsala - 1 year ago

    I voted Sofia Coppola because there haven't been enough inscrutable interiors in outer space movies.

    I'm glad you didn't include Wes Anderson in this list, what else was Life Aquatic but an outer space movie? A ship, strange creatures, and a singular soundtrack.

  • JJ - 1 year ago

    I voted for Barry Jenkins because he's talked in the past about writing a "Stevie Wonder time travel" screenplay starring Solange Knowles, and I desperately want to see that script become a reality.

  • Brooke Fauver - 1 year ago

    I mean why not Wong Kar-wai?

  • Wil McMillen - 1 year ago

    I voted Spike Lee just because I want to see the “Spike Lee Crane Shot” used in the void of space.

  • Richard Poutt - 1 year ago

    Mike Leigh, because the idea of an intense two year rehearsal process on the space station involving not entirely fit Brits is more intriguing than any of the potential movies would be.

  • Tom Morris - 1 year ago

    Spike Lee has a well known troupe of experimental camera shots and love the use of Dolly shots. I want to see him explore a Space film and what he could with large sci-fi budget.

    Maybe let him direct a Silver Surfer movie?

  • Set in 2145, this drama follows a group of settlers as they embark on a punishing interstellar journey along the Tannhauser Gate. When their guide leads them astray, the expedition is forced to contend with the unforgiving conditions of deep space.

    Ok... I'd just love to see Meek's Cutoff in space.

  • Erin Teachman (Washington, DC) - 1 year ago

    I generally look for one of two things in my space/sci-fi films: cosmic beauty and atavistic fear of the void (literally and metaphorically). Denis' HIGH LIFE masterfully combined both of these elements, along with tossing in the mind-altering collapses of reality that can occur from extreme isolation. Of the filmmakers above, I considered Barry Jenkins and Sofia Coppola because they would production design the hell out of a space movie and both can capture the ecstatic nature of connection and the fear of isolation and the other. I was especially intrigued by Kelly Reichardt and Lynne Ramsay because they could both bring a lo-fi aesthetic of dread that perfectly suits some of the more doomed narratives that so often happen in space (being lost, trapped in a gravity well, etc). But in the end, I went with Wong Kar-wai, who would admittedly probably not wrestle with the messiness of humanity's most primal fears, but he could totally capture the cosmic beauty and loneliness of space on pretty much any scale he chose. Plus his work on THE GRANDMASTER suggests he could handle the kind of complex camera work that Cuarón and Lubezki used in GRAVITY to such great effect in the disorienting realm where there is no down.

  • Sam, Sydney - 1 year ago

    My gut instinct was Wong because a Wong-directed space movie would likely be jaw-droppingly gorgeous. Then I wondered if I just want to see a Christopher Doyle-shot space film, and that may not come to pass given the two haven't collaborated for a while. I'm instead going with Spike Lee just because it feels like the most unlikely. I'd be fascinated to see how he would subvert and undermine our expectations of space films.

  • Jon Demske - 1 year ago

    I don't know if I've ever seen a movie set in space that is deeply chatty, so it's tough to imagine Spike Lee in space. And Sofia Coppola already made a great non-space space movie: in Lost in Translation Japan might as well be an alien world where the protagonists are stranded. My vote goes for Barry Jenkins. He handles silences very very well, and silence is the language of a good space movie. Lynne Ramsey and Mike Leigh would be fun curveballs to the genre too

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