Have you ever dated someone who's family didn't like you?

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  • Dave from Toronto Canada - 4 months ago

    Hi. In reference to ppl wanting to get your opinions on the issue of the Day, I just want to say one reason I listen to your podcast is, I sometimes will not invest time in a news story and wait for your coverage and other podcast I listen. Mainly for the viewpoint of others, because I find I will gain a perception that I have not thought of, even if I agree or disagree.
    Rod and Karen, keep up the good work…

  • Mark B - 4 months ago

    Once I dated someone whose dad felt I "stood out in the photos", if you get me. Her mom seemed to like me though.

  • TheShayDeeDame - 4 months ago

    My first husband’s family didn’t like me. I didn’t fall in line with their weird cultish ways, so I was seen as being the weird one.
    We were together for 20 years when he passed away from complications due to leukemia.
    A month or so after he passed away, his mother used her key to our home (one that I was ALWAYS against her having) to break in and steal all of his pictures, belongings, and his urn.
    I was obviously pissed, and used that energy to take our kids and move the hell away from his family.
    Being married into a crazy ass family that hates you is one thing, but sticking around those fuckers for no reason? NOPE.

  • BrooklynShoeBabe - 4 months ago

    I was married to someone whose family didn't like me. Lol

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