Should it be against the law to respond to a 911 call that way?

  • Mimi - 1 year ago

    Man, that is a nightmare.
    I hate to sound like a heartless person but if she was nicer on the phone that person still would have died.
    The job is not customer service as far as niceties. It is to gather the information and give it to dispatch so that the officers and first responders can quickly address the crisis.

    I was wondering about her asking about the colour of the car. Like did someone respond as if they were going to get to her? Would she have been better off if she would have gotten out of the car? It seemed like she (that rude lady) had some sort of response from someone somewhere as if they had eyes on the car.

  • Mark B - 1 year ago

    What can I say - at least she's not a cop? Even she knew she didn't need to be there, since that was her last day.

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