Escalating import-tariff tit for tat with China: what's your view of the impact to domestic trucking?

  • AG Berndt - 10 months ago

    If you are not one of the under paid and over worked drivers dealing with the clown show at the piers operated by companies like Ports America then Trump bitch slapping China should have a great impact on the freight markets as production increases on our soil means demand for raw material and finished product shipments. In theory, if the brokers don't keep more than their fair share then rates should soar. But, this ripple effect will take a bit of time to show up.

    Johnny d sargent - If you feel you know more about international trade and would do a much better job putting Americans first, by all means jump in the clown party car with the socialist comrads that are currently the entertainment daily on just about ever station or channel you tune in to. Trump is doing a great job..... Obama left us in termoil and shambles but no one wants to take about that. No one wants to talk about my job that was eliminated or the fact that I couldn't afford health insurance after obama care took effect or the fact that the Obama admin completely f-ed up the trucking industry with the obama box attached to my dash telling me when I am tired or not tired until someone gets hurt or dead. No one wants to talk about how the demacracks criminal organization sought out ways to capitalize from over regulating us even more.... like the bs 34 hour restart rules that went away were there to create traffic jams and burn morw fuel.
    Now, Trump has pushed and pushed for deregulation and changing the rules we have that hurt us all so badly. They are changing. Until we have a congress filled with people that can see past their own wallets and do the job they are paid to do change will be very slow. The criminals on capitol hill couldn't care less about anyone outside of the seat they sit in.

    Trump is far from an idiot. He just has no fliter when it comes to twitter.... that makes him.... well lets face it, it makes him not much different from you or me. As men we are all morons and do things or say things that get under someone's skin. We all run off at the mouth at one point or another - some more than others.

    So in closing.... look past the jaw jacking and see what he has and continues to improve in your everyday... there are many many positives. No one can prove that any other president in the last 5 decades has done more to improve our American lives than Pres Trump has. That, sir, in itself proves he is not an idiot.

  • johnny d sargent - 11 months ago

    trump should have baba stepped this tariff stuff or kept his nose out of it hes supposed to be for truckers see he isn't I vioted for this idiot

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