Are the Bears still a playoff team?

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  • Paul Allen - 1 week ago

    EVERYBODY R-E-L-A-X. The O-line had an off night. Football is all about momentum. Bears couldn't run the ball early. Nagy didn't stick with it. Play action didn't work because of that. Mitch was off. They could never gain momentum, it happens all the time. Remember, this is not easy.

  • Slim - 1 week ago

    Mitch is actually a better QB than he gets credit for. When there is a plan in place, when he's on the move, when the first down is actually possible, Mitch is calm and delivers the ball accurately. Nagy had Mitch throwing the ball 45 times with 3 capable backs. There's no excuse for that. With that kind of game plan, it's no wonder the packers defense looked as good as it did. I would've had a few sacks too considering every play besides 11 of them were play action.

  • Walt - 2 weeks ago

    Put this loss on Coach Nagy. The offense was NOT prepared. Numerous mistakes and penalties. Has Nagy ever heard of a rushing game? a balanced offensive attack? winning field position? time of possession? Let's bring back Jay Cutler and the era of no surprises and throw, throw, throw up!

  • Keith Putnam - 2 weeks ago

    With the running situation (yikes!) as brutal as it was, how about CORDANELLE PATTERSON getting the ball as a lone back on 3rd and1??!!?? Good God. Might of got his name wrong

  • Keith Putnam - 2 weeks ago

    With the running situation (yikes!) as brutal as it was, how about CORDANELLE PATTERSON getting the ball as a lone back on 3rd and1??!!?? Good God.

  • Jason - 2 weeks ago

    Are you kidding me?! Of course they're a playoff team. People have short memories. Last year, in week 1, to whom did they lose? Green Bay, after the defense gave up a big lead. I would rather the Bears go into week #1 healthy and losing game #1 because they didn't play the starters, than, going into week #1 and missing key players because of injuries in the preseason. The only person making any sense is the Green Bay fan saying that he has no doubt that the Bears will be in the thick of things. Any, Bear fan that posted a negative comment, your IDIOTS! The Bears are going to win the Super Bowl for the 2019-20 season. Guaranteed!!!!!!!

  • William E Powell Jr - 2 weeks ago

    Trubisky is partially to be blamed, but it's on coach Matt Nagy. He went into this game with a sloppy offense & the Ravens put 59 points on the Dolphins with Lamar Jackson's 324 yards, 5 TD's, & no INT's. Ak Prescott put up 405 yards & 4 TD's in a win over the NY Giants. Nagy, Trubisky, get this offense on the right track or you all are out of Hallas Hall. Beardown!!

  • Jim - 2 weeks ago

    When Trabinsky yhrowe within 2.5 seconds he is a pro quarterback.when he doesnt he is a grade school quatterback.

  • Philip Caputo - 2 weeks ago

    I voted yes because it was only the first game of the season. The defense looked good, the offense as if they were playing game one of the preseason. Another performance like that will change my mind about their playoff chances.

  • harry strauss - 2 weeks ago

    Trubisky should have been played in preseason as he looked very rusty and needs more playing time

  • Tony - 2 weeks ago

    I am not a Bears fan. I am a Packers fan. But there is no doubt in my mind the Bears will be in the thick of the playoffs. I wonder if the Packers will be. I repeat I am a Packers fan

  • Gerry - 2 weeks ago

    Not unless we find a NFL QB because obviously Trubisky isn’t one. A good play caller might also help

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