Do you think Denver should charge for people who use plastic bags?


  • Joe Bloe - 4 years ago

    Communism at its worst.

  • Diane - 4 years ago

    Where is this fee for plastic bags going? You took away paper bags because it was cutting down trees and so now it is plastic! Why not use compostable bags? You want to charge a fee for all of the problems instead of working at addressing a solution to the problems.

  • Todd - 4 years ago

    Instead of charging for the plastic bags, shouldn’t we give a discount to those who bring in a reusable bag.

  • Richard Craney - 4 years ago

    How much a year do these people make? Most people keep them to put things into pick up animal ???? etc. I see these 4door Jeep wranglers the parking meter people drive .30/40 grand each??????????just the tip of the tip of the iceberg. Why can’t they buy beancan econobox s?With all the things that need to be addressed you pick plastic bags?????Start doing your jobs and solve real stuff like you get paid to do.

  • Frank the Tank - 4 years ago

    Getting tired of liberal government butting into people’s lives and telling us, The Serfs what we can and cannot do with stupid stuff.
    No plastic bags. No plastic straws. Don’t these idiots have something else to do other than being petty?

  • Kathy O’Brien - 4 years ago

    Colorado has many out of state visitors and they all contribute to our economy by shopping in all the stores. Some of them come for extended stays and they buy groceries. Charging for plastic bags is not a very hospitable move. Also, there are people - like me- who rely on having all my groceries delivered. I have not been able to go to the store for 4 years and order from Safeway every 2 weeks. I get a lot of bags but reuse them all or share them with others. They are the perfect size for small waste baskets and their handles are perfect for tying them shut which the trash companies want.

    I don’t use Instant Cart so the store employees who do the shopping put everything in bags and the frozen or refrigerated items are put in the store’s coolers and when they get ready to load the truck they get those bags and put them with the others. If this “tax” is approved I will gladly pay it but remember all hose visitors who visit and spend lots of money here.

    A better option which has been tried is to give people who bring their own bags to the store credit on their bill. Granted it wouldn’t be much but at least it’s better than charging them .

    I used to go to the grocery store on the bus and let me say that can be a real challenge getting the bags loaded just so that they can be carried by their built in handles. Before plastic paper bags were used and all most people could carry was one and if it happened to start raining ——-DISASTER !!!!

  • Adam - 4 years ago

    Ridgway recently banned "single-use plastic bags". As a result, the dollar store started carrying "reusable, 100% recyclable" plastic bags which can hold almost 20 lbs. Big improvement for shoppers over the flimsy bags that tear. However, they are several times thicker and much, MUCH less biodegradable. Ergo, when people put them in their bathroom trash can or toss their cat litter in them, they will be staying around in the environment for maaaaany years longer than the previous bags. This is something the child who envisioned the ordinance did not understand. The store gives them to everyone and almost NO ONE brings them back to shop with again. I would side with most of the commenters here and say we should go back to paper bags and they should NOT incur any sort of fee.

  • Mary - 4 years ago

    As others have pointed out, while plastic grocery bags are not often recycled "directly", they are used as trash can liners and to pick up "pet poop" - and some are even taken back to the store and reused until they "fall apart" (and they are hardly the sturdiest of bags). Of course, the folks who use them for those purposes will have to BUY those plastic bags instead of reusing the ones they got with their groceries (and check out the aisle in your supermarket and see how many of them BRAG about how tough and sturdy they are - making them so much more difficult to degrade - the local King Soopers alone shows almost 60 varieties - and an ultimate irony: some of the rolls come in PLASTIC BAGS rather than cardboard boxes). In addition, there are PLENTY of things in supermarkets that come in plastic bags or containers. Are those going on the "hit list" next?

    Of course, the supermarkets could start carrying either biodegradable or compostable - or even contact those in other countries who have come up with "non-plastic plastic" bags made out of substances like cassava that are so eco-friendly they can be EATEN (see "This plastic bag is 100% biodegradable").

    By the way - I have and regularly use "reusable fabric bags" (which are overdue for a washing) for almost all my shopping, regardless of whether it's a supermarket or not). I just find some of the hype about plastic bags (and straws) to be over the top.

  • Kathy Clevenger - 4 years ago

    We used to give five cents per bag when people would use their own bags . Why not raise it to 10 cents when people bring back their own bags . Or like some places don’t use them. I don’t believe people should be charged for the bags but rewarded for bringing their own . It would definitely help the environment and with today’s prices it would not hurt the store financially at all

  • Tesa - 4 years ago

    Why charge US!? If they want to charge someone, charge the manufacturers or the stores. Or better yet, butt out!

  • Stephanie Gelt - 4 years ago

    It's amazing how politicians can come up with finding ways to make citizens pay more than necessary and no mention where the extra cost would be applied to. And how about all the people who can't afford groceries let alone pay for the bags? I refuse to ring up my own groceries because it takes hours away from those who work at the stores.

  • Deborah - 4 years ago

    This is the most ludicrous idea ever. I remember using paper and paper was awesome your groceries stayed put in the car and before they came out with "plastic" trash can liners, they were perfect in the trash can. Then the government decided that plastic bags would be better for our environment. Ha! now we find out they are more of an issue than the paper ever were. How many do you see hanging in trees and fields? Why do they insist on changing things when they aren't broke in the first place. If they do it we need the paper bags back. Did you know they grow groves of trees in Washington state for paper products? Better yet, take down those dead fire hazard trees in the mountains and recycle them.

  • Sherry - 4 years ago

    People should not be charged for plastic bags - the stores should QUIT MAKING OR BUYING THEM from the manufacturers. They should be paper, which can be recycled or re-usable bags. We all need to quit being a throw-away generation.

  • karen - 4 years ago

    Here in Vail we do not have plastic bags at any store and you will not miss them. You buy the reusable bags and bring them everywhere. I got mine visiting Garden to the Gods. Lets are start saving the world.

  • Diane - 4 years ago

    We need to go back to paper...better all the way around. Should have never switched over to begin with. Now, to get rid of ALL the plastic drink bottles!!

  • Asparks - 4 years ago

    Dear Government,

    Stay out of my grocery store! All stores have recycle bins! Geez

  • SW - 4 years ago

    So, if they are so opposed to plastic, then I would love to see the return of paper bags. They also get reused many times over and they are biodegradable. But don't charge for plastic when that's the only way to get your groceries home without having to carry a bunch of bigger plastic bags in my car.

  • Doug - 4 years ago

    More Denver B S

  • Pam - 4 years ago

    I use them for trash cans, to pick up dog poop when I walk my dog etc. Now people will have to buy plastic bags for different uses and it still will be plastic.

  • Pam - 4 years ago

    Penalizing the grocery shopper is not the answer. Big corporate grocery stores should fix the plastic grocery bag issue and produce a grocery bag that is better for the environment. They are putting this problem on the shoulders of the consumer. The city Council needs to address corporate and how they plan to fix this.

  • Toni - 4 years ago

    I would like to know where the money generated from the fees is going. Some small towns use it to facilitate recycling centers. If is used for enhancement of recycling, I would support it. If it is going to the stores directly, I would not support it. It needs to be somehow earmarked for the reasons it is collected. Another option is to just ban the bags, no fees involved.

  • Cyndie - 4 years ago

    I am good with not using plastic bags, it is bad for the environment. BUT, The grocery stores don't mind us checking out our own groceries for free. I think we should get paid (money back at self checkouts) for checking our groceries.
    We are doing the job of the checkers for free, so they do not have to pay as many employees. But they want to charge us to use the plastic bags. Not cool.

  • Carrie McGinnis - 4 years ago

    Instead of adding another tax or cost to the consumer, penalize grocery stores that use them.

  • Don Little - 4 years ago

    Every store where I get plastic bags has a place to recycle them.

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