Bigg Boss Tamil Vote Season 3

  • vijeya - 8 months ago

    tharson is the best big boss winner


    tharson is best

  • S.k.mayooran - 8 months ago

    Vera level.. tharshan... be proud of you

  • Sellathurai srikaran - 8 months ago

    Vote for THARSHAN,he is perfect for the game please vote

  • uma - 8 months ago

    கவின் ஒரு முட்டாள் பையன். இவன் ஏன் இங்க வந்தான் என்று தெரியல !!!

  • Anton - 8 months ago

    Please vote thatsan he is excellent

  • Suthi - 8 months ago

    Hi Pooja don't blame losliya . Both they should know why they went to BB house so it's not her fault.

  • Pooja - 8 months ago

    Please Support Tharshan & Kavin. From my opinion Kavin didn’t do anything wrong. It’s a True felling. Don’t worry about the World. If women has feelings. Same with all the men. Respect everyone. We are in 2019.

    I would blame Losiliya 100%. She think she is pretty, and make every men foolish. She is the main culprit. If she would of told Kavin the truth about her parents.( How they are) Kavin would of made a correct decision and he shouldn’t be in this situation.Losiliya is matured enough to make her decision. She is double minded. If she really loves Kavin. She will stand. Anyway True heart Kavin will come till the final. I hope everyone will understand him and vote for him. Kavin & Tharshan very honest.

  • A.Sajipan - 8 months ago

    Excellent Tharsan

  • Rajkumar - 8 months ago

    Pls vote and support tharshan tharshan.

  • Vino - 8 months ago

    Please vote for sandy
    I love sandy master

  • Vino - 8 months ago

    Please vote for sandy
    I love sandy master

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