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  • Kemdoc - 1 year ago

    These stories Laketa and Shay told are heartbreaking. My homegirl had her thyroid removed which regulates hormones. So her estrogen levels have been an issue for her. She has fibroids that need to be removed but she’s also on blood thinners so surgery is very risky. They’re option was to give her a hysterectomy which she as a 35 year old with no kids refused at this time. She recently had a ton of hospital stays where they could not give her a full diagnosis. Time and time again. Fast forward to August of last year where she collapsed in her walkway to her apartment. An untreated fibroid made her develop blood clots in her lung and she had to have open heart surgery to remove them. Scary as hell. In my opinion wholey unnecessary. She could have died on the table. She’s doing better now but why do we have to go through this? Give us equal and adequate care.

  • LaKeta Chism-Williams - 1 year ago

    Just co-signing Shay. My best friend has horrible abdominal pain, has had several surgeries including hysterectomy, and has had issues with scar tissue reappearing. She's a heavy set black woman, so instead of offering ANY relief, she's usually told to lose weight. The last time she was at the dr, she could barely talk & was having trouble breathing. They "ran tests" & told her nothing was wrong but she needed to lose weight. She started to cry & urinated herself right there. Her daughter had to help her out of the room & 2 days later she was in the hospital in a medically induced coma & breathing tubes. She woke up out of her coma at one point & pulled the tube out, breaking her 2 front teeth. I forget what her illness was, but they performed surgery and sent her home with no meds again & 2 broken front teeth. This was a year ago. She's still in pain, has 2 broken teeth, & they still send her home in pain. ALL OF THIS, & her white co-worker is selling her percocets that she got for painful periods she was prescribed 2 years ago. Basically, we're worthless to white doctors.

  • ShayDeeDame - 1 year ago

    On the “pills are white people problems”...

    I can attest to the fact that dr’s are more likely to prescribe pills to white people.
    About 5 years ago, I was having RAGING pain with my period out of nowhere. I’ve had two kids, and I can tell you that the pain was comparable to labor.
    I was complaining to a white friend about my pain, she suggested that I see her gynecologist, who gave her a standing refill for Percocet and Oxy for her (in my mind) run of the mill cramps.
    I made an appointment, saw the dr, and not only did she not write a prescription, this bitch had the AUDACITY to tell me to calm down and that it’s all “part of the process”.
    She even ran tests to make sure that I didn’t have any venereal diseases. Completely clean, btw.
    Cut to a few years later and it turned out I had fibroids and endometriosis.
    In the end I had to have a partial hysterectomy to treat my disease.
    So, while I had a serious medical condition, I was looked over for medication, while my pill head white friend was basically given all the pills that her medical insurance could handle.
    THIS is why pills are a “white people problem”, and I would be willing to bet that there are more Becky’s addicted to pills than ANYONE.
    You know our society loves stopping white womens tears at any cost.

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