Which 2020 Corvette C8 seat do you prefer?


  • RVDANO - 2 years ago

    C 8 with GT2 seats was the best choice, I'm 5'11 @ 270 my wife has shrunk to 5'2 1/4 @ 190 over the years both of us has shorten and gained weight, the head rest is just right for both of us and comfortable.
    Seats in a C7 is no apple to apple comparison to seats in a C8.
    Cudos to the designer to make the seats a little more comfortable and a little more roomy (except for the comp seats) compared to the C7's and earlier.

  • Chuck Green - 3 years ago

    It would seem that the GT-1 is the only seat that could comfortably fit a shorter driver. I was at the Museum for the 25th anniversary and recall the GT1's were comfortable and at that time felt the added expense of the GT-2 or 3 unnecessary. What I do not recall is if the GT-2 headrest works well with someone that is 5'5" or a daughter or wife that is even shorter.

  • Jim Sipp - 4 years ago

    Loved my C2 for 43 years. C6 was a great road trip car. Now the C7 is fantastic, EXCEPT for the seats! I no longer weigh in at 145 pounds, and my wife is not a size 6. These seats are extremely uncomfortable after one hour. Shame on the designer. Yes I am sure that for autocrosses with 1.5 g corners (2% of the audience) they are great.

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