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  • Laura O'Hanlon - 2 months ago

    Connor McNally what a mint car! Credit to you

  • Lee Rowe - 2 months ago

    All cars looks really well, but Capri MK1 for me looks a little above the rest

  • Jacqui Smith - 2 months ago

    Stevie Browns 100E - Built to perfection . Total class

  • RS2K_16v - 2 months ago

    The well presented Mexico , being a press car it surely was an inspiration to many Mexico owners, and a chunky piece of ford motorsport heritage , hats off !!

  • a d brown - 2 months ago

    Capri II for the win

  • Nick - 2 months ago

    Chris Taylor MK 1 Capri - Wow! What an absolutely stunning car. Just beautiful and a proper credit to Chris the owner.

  • Barry taylor - 2 months ago

    Chris taylor Mk 1 Capri stunning example dad has owned the car for 35 years totally restored fabulous car well worth number one place

  • James Fuller - 2 months ago

    I've always wanted a Sierra Ghia 4x4 estate with RS200 wheels. If it wasn't for that, the MK2 Capri would have got my vote

  • Alex gowans - 2 months ago

    Stunning ford pop100e

  • Jake Churchill - 3 months ago

    MK2 Granada 2.8 Ghia x

  • Stu - 3 months ago

    Got to love a Granada !!

  • Derek Johnstone - 3 months ago

    MK 2 Granada for me

  • Jazz - 3 months ago

    It had to be Chris Taylor’s MK1 Capri for me. Hope he wins it. ????

  • John welch - 3 months ago

    Ford Anglia 105e Stunner

  • Troy - 3 months ago

    Can't go past the 105e Anglia. A true gem it was a hard choice between the mk1 cortina and the anglia

  • Louise McArdle - 3 months ago

    Chris’s Capri is the dogs nuts.

  • Clockwork O - 3 months ago

    Although the Mk1 is very nice, it tends to arrive or go distance on a flatbed..
    Daves Capri II is used and driven, so therefore a bit more worthy ..

    cars should be driven, a Capris heritage is in the miles it has travelled thru its years, like proof it has actually belonged.
    Miles of Smiles..

  • Fee Sherwood - 3 months ago

    Chris Taylor’s Mk1 Capri stunning example of a classic car.

  • Geds - 3 months ago

    Ash s Cortina all day long... peformance wise it will be as stunning as the car is aesthetically....What a beauty

  • Michael Foreman - 3 months ago

    Chris Taylors MKI Capri every day of the week for me!

  • Zoe davies - 3 months ago

    Chris taylors mark 1 capri.stunn8ng motor.

  • Paul Wilshaw - 3 months ago

    Chris Taylor’s Mk1 Capri. Stunning motor.

  • Matt Williams. - 3 months ago

    Good Luck

  • Ron Smith - 3 months ago

    Brings back memories of my times in one of these. This car looks as though it's been looked after.

  • Toto Fenwick - 3 months ago

    Ash's Mark 1 Cortina - such a pretty car!

  • Jason Pillar - 3 months ago

    Another year of brilliant feature cars. It helps to inspire me to go out and get on with one of mine. I hope to see some of them in the flesh next year at a show or two.

  • JC - 3 months ago

    Ash’s Mark 1 Cortina is awesome ????

  • Andrew Kicks - 3 months ago

    Speedy mcwheelspins

  • Len Guy - 3 months ago

    The red Mk2 is just the nuts and he’s plodded on even after all the problems

  • Deon - 3 months ago

    Wow Ash.. your cortina is one of the prettiest cars I've ever seen!!!
    I would love to look under her hood!!

  • Stuart Barclay - 3 months ago

    Got to be the mk1 Fiesta Sport , what a stunning colour

  • Darren Appleyard - 3 months ago

    Only 1vwinner got to be the Grey Edition RS Turbo

  • Julie - 3 months ago

    Ash Lamberts Mk1 Cortina

  • Kieran - 3 months ago

    E everyday of the week little beauty

  • Susan Humphreys - 3 months ago

    Great car b

  • Susan Humphreys - 3 months ago

    Great car

  • SCOTT COLLIN - 3 months ago

    Quality motor

  • Steve timmis - 3 months ago

    Seen this in person pics don’t do this any justice

  • Tracey roberts - 3 months ago

    Car e is the best

  • Luke Johnson - 3 months ago

    Ash lamberts cortina is ????

  • Sam moore - 3 months ago

    Love that fiesta

  • Jack - 3 months ago

    Mk1 1300 such a rare beauty and in pristine condition!

  • jem - 3 months ago

    Ash's mk1 cortina

  • James Blowfelt - 3 months ago

    Ash Lambert's Cortina aaallll the way!

  • Harry Buchanan - 3 months ago

    Got to be the Mark 1 Cortina!

  • Jayne Lambert - 3 months ago

    Ash''s mark 1 Corrina, best classic around !

  • Gareth GOrdon - 3 months ago

    Andys mk2 cortina is the buisness well done good luck

  • Leo abela - 3 months ago

    Cortina mk 1

  • Sarah Brown - 3 months ago

    What a classic !

  • wayne hankins - 3 months ago

    got to be the Anglia

  • David Martin - 3 months ago

    Great Car - well done

  • ASM Rallying - 3 months ago

    Very smart classic Anglia

  • Paul Roberts - 3 months ago

    You have done an absolutely stunning job, it's pure EPIC!!

  • Adelle - 3 months ago

    The perfect classic car!

  • Martin Brothwell - 3 months ago

    A very classy car and a credit to Connor.

  • Charie Woods - 3 months ago

    Clean and a credit to hard work and love for his car

  • Karen McLeod - 3 months ago

    Connor McNally beautiful car to drive

  • Liam care - 3 months ago

    McNally's fantastic carr

  • Liam care - 3 months ago

    McNally's fantastic carr

  • Robert Kent - 3 months ago

    Simply a cracking looking car

  • Ian Fleming - 3 months ago

    What an absolute gem, the colour is spot on and the finish outstanding

  • Paul Whisker - 3 months ago

    This is such a beautifully built car, credit to the owner and kejja motorsport. Top work.

  • Kevin wray - 3 months ago

    One of the beat anglia’s around.
    Classic performance with classic style it speaks for itself.

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