Have you ever filed a complaint with FMCSA against a shipper/receiver, broker or carrier for coercion to commit a violation?


  • Chris - 5 years ago

    Reply for Mike, I can see why you think that way. But in reality is all the opposite, from my own experience, OSHA and FMCSA act immediately upon receiving the complain and begin their investigation with due diligence keep the you updated throughout the whole process. By law you are protected from any retaliation and that is strictly enforced. Ultimately it is up to the driver to blow that whistle and say something, but if you say nothing then nothing is going to change.

  • Robert McCracken - 5 years ago

    My boss has told a few shippers that forcing a driver to leave their property after they ran out the drivers hos would be coercion. Even Budweiser just lets us stay the night now.

  • Mike - 5 years ago

    Not to be so negative but what difference does it make? FMCSA and or the dot talk a big talk but when it comes down to it. It is going to take man power to enforce. They don't seem to have enough people as it is to do the job correctly. Oh and do you really think that a driver is going to be free from retaliation? Come on. This is a corporate run society we work in. They can throw money at it and it disappears. Brokers are no different. Loads today are still shipped out that should be a team load but what's the verification process to see about an actual team is moving the load. Wake up

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