Is Senate Bill 206 a good idea or bad idea?


  • Jerry Schoenburg - 4 years ago

    The NCAA is a sports organizations that exists now to make money. Major Universities especially state owned and run schools use sports, mostly football and basketball to profit off the student athletes and a lot of them barely get by in school money wise.
    The other part is why do state owned universities like UCLA and all the other UC schools charge a fortune to go to college when we the taxpayers pay for the schools and their faculty salaries. Then they profit from the sports in a BIG way.
    I think maybe a stipend to cover the athletes costs while in school should be paid instead of getting money from endorsements.

  • John Chappell - 4 years ago

    When the athletes lawyers smell money the COW MANURE will hit the fan????
    Who gets what? That’s not fair- how come he gets money and I don’t?
    The California Governor May be thinking more about votes than anything else?

  • Gordon Pattison - 4 years ago

    It's about time.

  • Michael Hoyt - 4 years ago

    Take scholarship away if student received compensation from outside sources

  • George Spencer - 4 years ago

    REALLY shitty of you to take our vote THEN tell us that the results are private. Newspapers are dying and you do shit like this online. You deserve to go out of business.

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