Will You Upgrade to Ubuntu 19.10? (Poll Closed)

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  • Lisa - 9 months ago

    I agree with the users below, Manjaro is the way to go...
    I give it a test and it really is really fast, less bloated and has a huge repo, no need of ppas or waiting for getting new packages. So good to be free, if I were the owner, I would make it paid.

  • Allen - 9 months ago

    Since Manjaro has become a company, now I respect them much more than Canonical that pushes snaps forcefully into the users, already pre installs tons of snaps in the system without asking if the user agrees... Manjaro gives the support, but do not install anything, the user who have the power to choose what should be installed.

    They say the don't force snaps but make packages old and insecure to force people to opt for snaps;
    Remove important packages from the repos, to force people to opt for snaps;
    You go to the terminal, type sudo apt install chromium-browser and instead of getting the deb version of chromium, you get a snap...
    BYE BYE!

  • Jim - 9 months ago

    I have finally quit using Ubuntu. It takes to longo releasing new version and I love bleeding edge, so I switched to Manjaro it was being unbelievable good... No need to reinstall of waiting for a new version to come, always knowing the new features...
    Manjaro is much more stable than Arch and less manual.

  • sasori701 - 9 months ago

    Manjaro is way much better and smooth imo, never used anything else after I came across manjaro

  • David T Hunt - 9 months ago

    My primary laptop has 19.04 so I will be upgrading shortly after the release of 19.10. once I get to the LTS (20.04), I plan to park it for a while.

  • Lambros Lambrinos - 9 months ago

    I only use LTS versions

  • Dako1905 - 9 months ago

    Nope not updating, since Manjaro is much better.

  • Micalm - 9 months ago

    My home desktop will get an upgrade, just to see what's new. Servers and work PC stays on LTS probably until about half a year till it's EOL.

  • Michael - 9 months ago

    I have used the beta. It appears to be smoother and more polished than 19.04. I like it already!

  • Hanf - 9 months ago

    nah, i'm fine with 18.04

  • Hans - 9 months ago

    Recently upgraded to 19.04 . Been most impressed with what i found.

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