What complicated 2010s movie mentor would you like to see in another film?

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  • Henrik Tronstad - 3 months ago

    I would love to see Tony Stark again. You know the guy from Iron Man, Avengers, Spider-Man and Captain America. That would be something. From Stockholm, Sweden.

  • Andrew - 3 months ago

    Give me other....I'd like to see more of Leo/Brad Pitt in Once Upon a Time in Hollywood. They're each other's mentors at time (Leo thinking he's always the mentor, but often needs Brad to show him the way). Their relationship is so interesting and the charisma of the two is off the charts. Some people want more cowbell, I want more flamethrower.
    PS - Juan is just too good to be a true (Fletcher too bad to be true, let's hope), and Gus and Ramona are too self absorbed.

  • Colton Butcher - 3 months ago

    Los Angeles, California

    The correct answer here is Fletcher. C'mon! He's one of cinemas greatest characters (villian?) of the 2010's. J.K. Simmons gives one of my favorite performances of the decade, maybe of all time. Fletcher also would be able to kick anyone else's ass on this list, yeah I went there.

  • Brady Larsen - 3 months ago

    Brooke from Mistress America still has a lot of lessons (and ideas for restaurants and t-shirts) left to impart. How many? As Brooke herself might exclaim, SO MANY!

    Moreover, we talk a lot about Baumbach as a modern heir to Woody Allen. Like Allen did with London and Madrid, it may finally be time for Baumbach to get out and explore the soul of a new city. What luck then that Baumbach’s Mistress America ends with his most endearing know-it-all leaving New York for a new life in Los Angeles. What better guide to usher Baumbach to a strange new city than Brooke, a character played by his own longtime partner, Greta Gerwig? Baumbach can start a new chapter on city-dwelling artistes and their egos, in a city that has never lacked for them. And Gerwig can make her triumphant return to acting with one of her most indelible screen creations. Knowing Brooke, it should only take a few days (or hours) in Hollywood to make her an expert on the place.

  • Albert Malafronte - 3 months ago

    Terence Fletcher from "Whiplash" would be my answer for the choices provided, but I have to go with "Other" on this one. Perhaps it's because I watched it three times in the last week but Sensei from "The Art of Self-Defense" is the mentor character I'd most want to see more of.

    Alessandro Nivola does some incredible work pulling off this absurd character, delivering hilarious deadpan and maintaining an intense and intimidating presence in every scene. These types of subversive comedies under stylish direction are hard to come by so I would be most excited to see Sensei again.

  • Mitchell Beaupre - 3 months ago

    My vote goes to Other here and it’s going pretty off the beaten path, over to Guy Pearce in The Rover. I’m a big fan of a lot of the performances and characters mentioned, but when thinking specifically about a character that I’d like to see on screen again, I was immediately drawn to my memory of Pearce here, a performance that has stuck with me ever since I first saw the movie in theaters. Especially considering how the movie ends, I’d love to make a return to David Michôd’s hypnotically vague post-apocalyptic landscape to find out what Pearce got up to next.

  • Jonathan from Denver, CO - 3 months ago

    I love most of these movies enough that I would happily spend more time with those characters if a way was found to bring them back, but I also feel largely fulfilled by the stories all of them told. Even my pick, Peter B. Parker, I would happily take more of but am not left wanting by what we got.

  • Nicholas Ntaganda (the “t” is silent) - 3 months ago

    I completely agree with Dylan Dam; Ralph Fiennes’ performance as Gustave is the perhaps the best on the list, but Moonlight really left me wanted more Juan. I love how Jenkins just rips him out the film without warning, but I’d lying if I didn’t say I’d love to watch an entire movie about Juan starting out as a drug dealer, and the beginnings of his romance with Janelle Monae.

  • Christopher Jones - 3 months ago

    The only thing I want to say is no way do I want to see more of Terrance Fletcher from Whiplash not because I don't like the character but because it would ruin his power in that film. He's like Jaws, Hannibal or Joker, you don't want to much of such a great antagonist, it'll ruin his mystic and power to scare the hell out of you.

  • Dylan Dam (pronounced Dahm) - Lincoln, NE - 3 months ago

    While Gustave H. is without question my favorite character and performance on this list (there has never been an Oscar snub worse than Ralph Fiennes not getting a nomination. There, I said it.), my vote actually went to Juan. While I loved Gustave and everything else about Grand Budapest, I felt very satisfied with what we got from him and his character in that film. Whereas with Juan and Moonlight, I felt as though there was so much more to explore with that character and his story. I remember sitting in the theater watching Moonlight not long before the Oscars that year and just waiting for Ali to earn the Oscar that everyone was so certain he was going to get. I loved what he did in the first act, but when he didn't appear in the second or third parts, I left wanting and expecting more from a performance that was so revered. I think he was a great character and Mahershala Ali was brilliant, but I felt like there had to be more to him than what we saw. So if he were to appear in another film, I'd be the first one in line to see it.

  • Remi - 3 months ago

    Out of all of these characters I would love to see the empathetic nature of Juan return to the big screen.

  • Sam from Sydney - 3 months ago

    Guys (mainly Sam): you've done some bad (badly flawed) poll questions over the years, but this is absolutely one of your best. I love the framing of the question (not just 'which is your favourite' but 'which do you want to see more from') because it makes me think about the character and what other storylines they have to offer. The options are really excellent because I'd happily watch any and all of these. My vote went to M. Gustave H. just because there's so obviously much more humour and pathos he could offer, but there's definitely movies waiting to be made on King Schultz, Juan and Brooke as well.

  • Isabel Bishop, Dallas - 3 months ago

    While I love Fletcher from Whiplash, I am not sure my soul could take another 90+ minutes of the intensity he brought to that film. I just got chills thinking about it. So, my pick goes to the hilarious M. Gustave. Ralph Fiennes was so great and funny in that film, I could've watched him for hours and hours. The scene where he suddenly starts running from the cops always has me dying. And I'd love to know more about him, too. Love everything about that film.

  • Chris moody - 3 months ago

    I want origins stories for both Gustave H, and Terence Fletcher. Hollywood must close until these are made. I didn’t know I wanted them until this poll. But now you’ve planted the idea I can’t think of anything else.

  • Andrew Sweatman - 3 months ago

    It's Gustave H. I just can't get enough of Ralph Fiennes in this silly mode and it only gets funnier the more I revisit it. Particularly lovely-slash-hilarious are the prison scenes where he is befriending Harvey Keitel and co. The juxtaposition of his refined manner against the tough criminals is endlessly rewatchable.

    from Little Rock, AR

  • Lisa Nelson of Ayer, MA - 3 months ago

    I'm torn between Dr. King Schultz (of Django Unchained) and Monsieur Gustave H. (of Grand Budapest Hotel). But since the excellent Christoph Waltz received plenty of award recognition for his winning Dr. Schultz performance, I'm going to vote for Monsieur Gustave. After seeing Ralph Fiennes establish himself as a esteemed serious actor of serious films, it was a revelation to see him in such a brilliant comedic performance. His delightful characterization of Monsieur Gustave is unfailing in it's hilarity and wit. Whether he's extolling advice to young lobby boys, making sure his hotel is tip-top shape or, um, seeing to his VIP guest's every need, Fiennes always shines as Gustave.

  • Darwin from Toronto - 3 months ago

    My vote has to be for Juan in Moonlight. I wish I could subside my bias as Barry’s masterpiece is probably my favourite film of the decade, but I just can’t. Mahershala Ali’s Juan was so influential to Chiron’s journey and his presence was sorely missed in the second and third chapters. We know the swimming scene is probably the standout moment between the mentor and his protégée, but Juan’s future teachings need to be seen or read somewhere soon.

  • Eric Hauter - 3 months ago

    All love and respect to Peter B. Parker, but I could watch Terence Fletcher destroy the youth of America (and then maybe be correct in doing so?) for hours and hours. I never even considered a sequel (or dare I say...a series) about Fletcher, but just the very idea of it gets me all excited. Thanks for putting that never-to-be-fulfilled desire in my head, fellas.

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