Do you dance when no one is around?

  • Monique aka Kemdoc - 8 months ago

    My cat looks at me with no feeling when I be dancing and washing dishes. Lol. He a hater. I be killing it.

  • Felix - 8 months ago

    Still recovering from a video of me dancing at my 12th birthday being shared around school and me being made fun of for it for years so I have trouble getting comfortable dancing in public sadly.

  • Black Steve - 8 months ago

    Yall know I aint shy. Ill cut a damn rug!

  • BrooklynShoeBabe - 8 months ago

    I don't dance around my kids because they get embarrassed but I dance at work, in my house and sometimes while waiting for the train. Mostly it's my little old uncle 2 step and spin.

  • Sofa King - 8 months ago

    Not only no, but hell no!

  • Iman - 8 months ago

    I love dancing! I just read a study that says dancing can help with your memory. Which is why I think kids often try to stop their parents dancing! They’re trying to get us to forget. . .it’s a conspiracy! Lol

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