Are you for or against roundabouts?

  • Peter - 9 months ago

    I think roundabouts are great but people need to be educated about how to use them. Countless times while going through the ones that are already in place, I see people not acknowledging the other driver and not yielding properly as they should. King's road would be a disaster for sure with a roundabout there. ( mu opinion anyway)

  • Stewart LeForte - 9 months ago

    I am only in favour of a roundabout near Breton Ability Center! A roundabout at the intersection of Keltic Drive and Kings Rd. would create a problem for pedestrians who use this intersection quite frequently.
    And, the proposed roundabout at the bottom of Kenwood Drive is limited by available space and the need to cut into the hillside which would aggravate an existing problem of run-off water.

    These roundabouts - 3 in such a relatively short distance are unnecessary and are very small in circumference to allow for meaningful traffic flow during rush hours.

  • Lloyd Chartrand - 9 months ago

    I think they're a great idea, and not affected by power outages. They will also serve as speed bumps on this section of King's Road, where drivers are constantly flying down in preparation to get on the 125

  • Betty MacDonald - 9 months ago

    A roundabout would be a good idea up by the ability Center, but why on earth do they need one on Keltic drive, and why do they need one on Kenwood , all they have to do is put an arrow going up Kenwood and it would elimate the flow of traffic coming out from Sydney especially around 5 o'clock . Drivers have to learn to slow down and have patience when driving"

  • Adrian White - 9 months ago

    Let's move traffic control in Cape Breton out of the dark ages and install roundabouts to alleviate congestion and the costs for managing traffic congestion. It will help take a financial burden off the province and municipality. Roundabouts are functioning well everywhere in the world. Just have a look at how one of the world's busiest roundabouts performs at Arc-de-Triomphe on the Champ de Elysee in Paris. A short burst of 5pm traffic at Kenwood Drive will not be an issue once a roundabout is built.

  • Kenny Maclean - 9 months ago

    I believe a well engineered and constructed roundabout is a good option because it pretty well eliminates head on collisions which cause very serious injury and deaths. Also there are no traffic lights to malfunction or not work at all when the power is out. Properly used a roundabout will handle more traffic, much more quickly with less wait time.

  • Marie pentecost - 9 months ago

    I could fine a better way to waste our money .why not just fix the dam roads .

  • Linda - 9 months ago

    Roundabouts are not the mist efgicient wsy to move traffic. You might be diligent but the other aggressive drivers just pull out and cut off the right of way.

  • Cathy Boudreau - 9 months ago

    I DETEST them....
    Especially the one in New Minas where they have an accident every week!
    Did I mention I DETEST them?

  • eric deblois - 9 months ago

    As is other areas of NS, maybe more people will improve their driving skills, otherwise be forced off the highways.

  • john macneil - 9 months ago

    Roundabouts may be good in some areas but to have one at the intersection of Kings Road and Keltic Drive would be a very bad idea with the amount of traffic that travels Kings road how would any one leaving the parking lot or trying to get off Keltic drive ever get on the roundabout? Teaching people to use their signal lights when getting off the roundabouts would be a good idea to. Thanks. John

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