Is Amanda Seales tripping?

  • Monique aka Kemdoc - 8 months ago

    I follow Amanda on IG for the cat videos and her commentary on some of the social justice issues. I find her to be cantankerous and immature. The way she attacks people for dming her any form of critique tells me all I need to know. And she has absolutely no chill in how she goes about addressing people. It’s zero to 1000. She goes way too hard. That Kaitlyn Jenner thing changed her.

    The personal issues that surround her are always so hazy type stuff where you give her the benefit of the doubt. But the one thing that will perhaps get her to change is if her bag is fukked up. She’s already fumbling it time after time. But her live show is critically acclaimed, she has a book coming out, And she being looked at as a legit comedian.

    That thing with the lawyer football player was questionable. He should have sued. He had a case against her in the very least but he probably didn’t wanna go through the discovery process where the women would get dragged into it. And now this. I just don’t get her.

  • Iman - 8 months ago

    I didn’t vote because even though I think shes tripping, I’m not sure if she KNOWS it. It’s starting to sound like her personality wouldn’t allow her to even consider herself being wrong. I follow her on IG and I’ve never seen her apologies or say she was wrong about anything.

  • Beans - 9 months ago

    I listen to Amanda’s podcast and like it and her. However, as I was listening to it, especially when she talks about this year’s incident, I wondered why she 1) decided to go because most people would operate out of a, “Who else gonna be there?” or “Oh, that bitch is throwing it? Nah, I’m good” and 2) was a little confused how this story played into professionalism. I understood how it started but it did venture off into, “Hey y’all, listen to what happened to me.” But I’m trash and don’t mind listening to a little bit of gossip so it’s definitely no skin off my back. I can understand Vanessa from the management group not being professional to a degree but she also doesn’t have to treat you more than the usual scoop of human decency. So long as it’s respectful, it doesn’t matter how she feels otherwise. I am having similar issues with professionalism with co-workers myself and I just keep it along the lines of speak when spoken to, answer to the best of my knowledge, don’t get physical with anyone (even though they may wanna push you to that point), and any problems that are had are spoken about privately with no intentions of humiliating someone and seeking a supervisor if you’re at an impasse. I see if Amanda was embarrassed from last year’s incident but, personally speaking, that would’ve been enough to steer clear of going to any events that person was in charge of if I knew they were holding it, or even if their agency was throwing the party so I can avoid any possible issues. At the very least I don’t want to be uncomfortable myself. Hopefully next year she’ll have the sense to stay away or throw her own party or go to one where she’s absolutely sure that she is on the list.

  • Alicia - 9 months ago

    I hope Amanda accepts that she is the common denominator in all of these situations with different people and uses this as a learning experience. I doubt it tho....

  • Rebecca M - 9 months ago

    Talk about subscriptions to issues. She has a lot going on there and none of it is good.

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