What should Apple call the upcoming budget iPhone?

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  • Minna - 4 hours ago

    IPhone SE should have 4” display, powerful and Easy to use compact size for tiny lady-size hands.
    It should be called iPhone SHE

  • Het - 5 weeks ago

    Iphone Badonkeydonk

  • oldschool - 5 weeks ago

    iPhone SE/30

  • sherman - 5 weeks ago

    iPhone SR

  • Anish Taneja - 6 weeks ago

    I think it should be called iPhone Xe

  • C Guy - 6 weeks ago

    If they can achieve the slab like sides as one sees in the current iPads the phone could be called iPhone SJ as I think the last phone he personally introduced was a version of the slab sided iPhone 4 in 2010.. It would be a nice tribute - I’ve always wonder what iPhones would look like if he were still around.

  • Gus - 6 weeks ago

    They should call it the iPhone Dissapoint, I was really excited for a smaller, more subtle, device than the giant phones that have become the norm.

  • Lewis - 6 weeks ago

    iPhone 11 Air

  • M - 6 weeks ago

    I think that the it would make sense to use the naming of 11... We have 11 Pro and 11 Pro Max... So we could have something like 11 and 11 Mini.

  • Andy - 6 weeks ago

    iPhone SE X

  • CARLOS - 6 weeks ago


  • S_XADA - 6 weeks ago

    iPhone 11C/ iPhone 11R

  • Mark - 6 weeks ago

    I'd say, this would be an iPhone 8SE

  • tom moore - 6 weeks ago

    iPhone LE (Light and Easy)

  • Matt - 6 weeks ago

    If the rumours are true and this budget model is based on the iPhone 8 case they might as well call it the iPhone: MO (Missed Opportunity).

  • LuCa - 6 weeks ago


  • Randy - 6 weeks ago

    iPhone Mini

  • Zeky - 6 weeks ago

    iPhone Phone

  • wuland - 6 weeks ago

    I think the most logical name would be iPhone 8c.

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