Patreon Series (Poll Closed)

  • E) A rich pro-baseball player humiliates a husband, dating and wooing the man's wife, engaging in an affair but letting the guy know all the details while the wife does her best to keep it a secret. Humiliation ensues.
    17 votes

  • D) Young couple heading to university right after the girlfriend had a sexual fling with her boyfriend's brother and now can't stop thinking about the guy.
    7 votes

  • C) One-that-got-away-date with returned soldier at behest of her fiance. Difficult relationship ensues.
    8 votes

  • B) Young wife who's been taking money for favors on the side. Husband devastated yet wants more.
    7 votes

  • A) High school bully conducting secret affair with wife that husband knows about. Humiliation ensues.
    20 votes


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