Which 90 Day Fiancé couple has the best chance at making things work? (You can choose multiple answers!)

  • Carmen - 2 years ago

    Being an mature woman myself, it breaks my heart seeing Laura and Jenny make fools of themselves over these much younger men. I knew the moment I saw Aladin that he was catfishing Laura for money, and now that the money is just about gone, he doesn't want her anymore. Her son, Liam, is a disgusting pig for laughing at his mother's pain.

    Sumit just wanted to have his cake and eat it, too, and Jenny allowed him to do so. She knew his parents rejected her because of her age. And when she learned that Sumit was forced to marry a younger woman, as painful as it was, she should've expected that move. Because of Sumit's lies, she was forced to come back to the US, no money, no job, and sleeping on her daughter's couch. All of his lies, and her desperation not to be alone has cost Jenny dearly. If I were her, I'd never believe another word his lying mouth says. And, I would never take him back, even if he finds a way to divorce his wife and moves to the US.
    Older woman should stop acting so desperate for love/companionship, giving their money and affection to men in other countries they don't know. These relationships are "online relationships", not real love. Doesn't matter how long an online relationship has been going on, a man or a woman can write anything and everything when they know they have bated a sucker. Nothing like having a face-to-face, one-on-one relationship, where the two parties can look at one another, and get to know each other. Body language speaks many volumes more than typed words every can.

  • Darlene Odell - 2 years ago

    How much do these couples make for doing the show ?

  • Robbie - 2 years ago

    I wish I could slap that smirk off Evelin's face! As soon as Corey's money is gone, she will be gone also. She's a pig!

  • Brenda - 2 years ago

    I don’t understand why Sumit doesn’t move to America…? India will be a nasty place for her forever, and his family will be a pain in the butt forever. They will not respect him either after what he’s done.
    Paul and Karine are a disaster with all the fighting. At 38, if his mother is still supporting him as she said, that pretty much tells it all.
    Tiffany was a fool for allowing herself to get pregnant immediately and they have nowhere to live, no job, addictions etc. What a dumb-ass idea that was! Apparently she learned nothing from the first child she had that has no dad in the picture. Same can be said for Deavan. What is wrong with these women??
    Corey is a sweetheart, but also a fool. That girl he has is a complete user...
    She will never marry him. she doesn’t care what he thinks about anything! She is mean, and selfish about everything.
    Laura’s son was disgusting with his laughing at his mothers pain. Grow up!
    He needs to move on to his own life. I guess she has allowed it... now look who he is... useless vermin.
    Aladin used Laura for money it seems.
    i guess he thought she had lit’s of it. Now that it has run out... he’s running out! Sad ...????
    These people must have very little self worth to allow themselves to be abused like this...

  • Carol - 2 years ago

    I found the way Liam disrespected his mom both shameful and sad. The way he laughed at her pain was so painful to watch, I felt like crying. He had no respect for her at all and.I could see he was jealous of the fact that she may not be able to give her money to him, he was not worried about her at all, his only worry was her not being able to support him. I think he may be mentally challenged, the way he just laughed as she begged him to stop was shameful, he is either very unstable or he was on some type of drug.

  • Pat - 2 years ago

    Evelin is using Corey, saw that right off the bat when she didn't meet him when he first got there. She is a gold digger. She care s nothing for him , just his money.
    Tiffany and Ronald I think will make it, she is a tough lady and he seems like a good person. The connection he has with her little son is real.
    Deavan is a fool for staying with Jihoon. He has no intention of changing and she is bringing other child into thi.s

  • Get Real - 2 years ago

    All these people are looking for love in all the wrong places. They all need therapy to better themselves before they can share a life with somebody else. All have the lowest self esteem and are being used to the point of victimization. It’s sad to see older women going after a lot younger men and then being dumped. Please get some therapy and stop embarrassing yourself and your family. You are beautiful and don’t need a younger man to prove your self worth. Also where is the birth control? These people are not thinking and this is why we have single mothers that make stupid decisions and have huge financial consequences in the long run.

  • Sherry - 2 years ago

    Evelin has used Corey from day one and it was so sickening obvious. She uses her so called culture to take take take from him. The moment she takes the last thing he has..its over. I hope legally he can get his money back from the bar and tear it down so she cant benefit from her using Corey. Their time together has been a joke since day one!!! U cant call it a relationship coz its never been that. Her baby talk and lies make me wanba turn off the show!!! Yuck

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