Do you think there is a romantic element to Alpha and Beta's relationship?

  • Iman - 7 months ago

    Last season I thought there might be. But seeing their backstory I don't think there is. I think they have a deep friendship or understanding. But hey they’re both crazy so maybe crazy people love one another differently?

  • Monique/Kemdoc - 7 months ago

    Excellent podcast review you two. I wasn’t in the headspace to watch it on Sunday so I played Zelda. Lol. Then I remembered it was a Whisperer episode and then I couldn’t wait to watch the episode to listen to y’all!!! I feel like Beta is more asexual than Daryl and the concept of being in love is not a reality to him. They appear to have chemistry in terms of their agendas (whatever those are). However, there’s an inherent weakness in her that is constantly revealed to him and that he also has to cover up. Their power structure flips when she’s spinning out when they’re alone. But he looks at her like she is sooooo weak.

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