Would you like the option of Skip Lock Screen?

  • Austin - 11 months ago

    If it conditionally showed you your lock screen depending on whether there were no notifications, the experience would be inconsistent and annoying. I think it would require a complete rethinking of how notifications are displayed to the user. I could see Apple doing this with no option to turn it off or with a binary on/off toggle, but the middle ground is just un-Appley.

    I could see them putting a little red dot at the top of the screen like on Apple Watch to let you know there are notifications. Then it would at least be a consistent user experience across devices.

    So you pick up your phone, it turns on to the home screen, and there’s a red dot at the top of the screen to let you know there’s a notification, so you swipe down and see the Notification Center.

  • Scott - 11 months ago

    Apple had (has) this feature for TouchID unlock devices... I was more than mildly frustrated that this was missing on FaceID unlock devices.

  • tom - 11 months ago

    Combine the Yes option with a choice of:" only new notifications" or "no notifications". Best of both worlds.

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