Which 90 Day Fiancé couple has the best chance at making things work?


  • Greg Barr - 4 years ago

    Where do I send Maria her money?

  • leisa - 4 years ago

    Angela and Michael are crazy. She is violent, obnoxious, condescending, and nasty person. She is truly trashy. I feel really bad for Michael. Lets face it, she is too old to have a baby, (she knows it and is trying to fool Michael into this unhealthy relationship) and I truly believe that if Michael comes to the U.S. (which I believe is all he wants) he will leave. And I hope he does. She is a bully to him, disrespectful to him and controlling of him. "I don't have a social life so why should he" OMG...give us all a break...She has showed nothing to the viewers other than she is a horrible person. RUN Michael RUN.. You deserve better.
    Caesar....really... you can't figure out she is just after your money and doesn't give a crap about...wow ... you are blind...all the viewers see that.. OPEN YOUR EYES MAN..
    As for the rest... I hope you all do well.

  • Hazel - 4 years ago

    I don’t see a future with any of those couples, Angela is a violent crazy bitch who is as desperate as the rest of them except 30 yrs older! Darcy needs a visit on dr Phil’s show for some badly needed help instead of wasting her time looking for a man, soo sad! Rebecca doesn’t need that Zied Guy! She’s never going to put up with that culture if his, why can’t she stick to an American guy? The others are not going to be together

  • Cindy T - 4 years ago

    Caesar is being used big time, Avery needs to grow up and show more respect for her mom, not sure what Benjamin is thinking, he seems lost, Rebecca is so desperate she doesn't see she is being used for a Visa and money, Angela is just crazy and Michael puts up with it to come to America, Darsey is a "Hot Mess" and needs to stop trying so hard and let it happen with whoever, naturally, but I don't think she knows what "natural is", and then there's Tim and Jennifer. Jennifer needs to find a "real man", she is way to beautiful for this fool. He is way too into himself and his ex. and he has major issues.

  • Christine Garza - 4 years ago

    Tonight showed the real character of Angela and what a disgrace to the whole cast she is! I can't stand her trashy thinks she's better than everyone attitude! I hope Michael leaves her sorry bully ass. She threw her weight around and looked like a stupid B**** . I would have loved to see her knocked down for her ruthless actions. Michael deserves better. She acts like he's her step child. What a horrible person she is.

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