Do you experience symptoms of Migraine postdrome? Which ones?

  • Susan - 7 months ago

    For years I described the feeling the day after a migraine as bruised. I have only recently become aware of the postdrome phase. I rarely have had an alcohol hangover, but this sensation is very much a migraine leftover.
    It has been helpful to become more educated.
    (Spelling may be weird. I cannot see very clearly. I am still under the influence.)

  • Lorna - 8 months ago

    Most of the choices occur for me, but the vote didn't allow for multiple answers.

  • Carrie - 8 months ago

    I feel like my brain is bruised after a migraine. I call it my ghost headache. It's not intense pain, just the whole brain aches.

  • E B - 8 months ago

    Your poll didn't allow more than one choice.

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